A young boy has reunited an elderly man with his treasured watch after he scoured the sandy shores of 's Balmoral Beach located along Sydney's lower north shore. The timepiece's devastated owner had lost his beloved $20,000 Cartier Santos watch during a daily swim, leaving him feeling distraught and hopeless.

However, the Shave family have built up a reputation for recovering lost treasures at the beach so the owner reached out to them for help.

Ten-year-old Josh Shave, was accompanied by his father, Simon Shave, and British expat Meggan Brummer when they set out to search for the treasured watch.

The schoolboy recalled what happened next on Australian radio show 2GB breakfast: "I went down with my dad and before he could sit down, I got my first signal on the detector immediately.

"I think he was expecting us to be there a lot longer."

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As a token of appreciation for his honesty, the appreciative owner gave Josh an unspecified sum of cash as "pocket money".

According to Josh, the owner was extremely pleased with this gesture.

Josh recalled: "He was really happy."

Meanwhile, Josh's mother was ecstatic about her son's valuable discovery as was the owner and his family.

The unnamed owner's son told Mosman Collective: "Dad purchased the watch in France 40 years ago, and it is one of his most treasured possessions,

"Good things happen to good people, and for this young boy to show such honesty will not be forgotten."

The Shave family, who are passionate about snorkelling, have had a highly successful summer at Balmoral Beach.

They have managed to find numerous lost treasures, including multiple phones, several Apple watches, and even a high-end Fitbit.

Similarly, Ms Brummer was able to reunite a relieved beachgoer with her lost wedding ring in the depths of the ocean.

Ms Brummer, who swims every day, discovered the valuable piece of jewellery during a routine exploration of the water in January.

Only a few weeks before, Ms Brummer's partner had found an eternity ring belonging to a woman, which had been given to her as a Christmas present by her boyfriend.

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