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Oyakodon Is A 20-Minute Lunch Winner

Japanese donburi never tasted so good

Things we should stop feeling embarrassed about

Shame and embarrassment can hinder people from experiencing some of the greatest happinesses that life can offer, and all because we’re scared of what other people will think. To make matters worse, the things we’re embarrassed about are often founded upon flimsy, made-up social norms that force us to tone our humanity down. Fear of embarrassment is extremely time-consuming as well, and hurts our self-confidence, which is essential in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. So, how can we counter it? Well, unfortunately, practice makes perfect. Embrace the things that might have made you sweat nervously before so that you can stop letting them control you today! You’ll soon find that life continues on after these experiences, and other people’s opinions will matter less. Hopefully you also help set an example for others. Click through and see all the things we should stop feeling embarrassed about.

‘I’ve had to buy my HRT in Spain before and now UK pharmacists are experiencing another shortage’

Women told i they 'feel held hostage again' as the UK is hit with a new wave of HRT shortages

Woman fined £100 for littering after feeding slice of bread to ducks

A nurse was given a £100 fine for littering after she fed a group of ducks. Susan Watson, 68, a dementia nurse said she was “shocked and embarrassed” when a council worker approached her by the River Medway in Tonbridge, Kent, after she had torn up a piece of bread and scattered it among the ducks last month. She was then spoken to by an officer fr...

Strange Hollywood hookups: celebrities you never knew dated

We all have relationships we'd like to leave in the past, right? Hollywood A-listers are no different! There have been plenty of celebrity romances that were (almost) lost to the annals of history. You'll be shocked at some of these unexpected pairings. Click through the gallery to see some celebrity couples that you won't believe.

Chef shares ‘easy' technique to make the ‘most perfect poached egg' every time

Poached eggs aren't difficult to make if you understand the science behind an egg, a chef has claimed.

Country diary: Never have I seen a sparrowhawk so long or so well

Anyone who feeds garden birds will know that it takes time to habituate local populations to the supplies. My friend owns a wood with a raised bird table the size of most urban lawns. Adjacent is a hide with one-way glass, and the action unfolds at what seems touching distance. To lure in his most prized visitor involved the kind of patience that only the most gifted photographers possess. Getting tits or woodpeckers to your nuts takes a matter...

Prince Harry's 'attacks' on Royal Family are being 'exploited' by republicans in Australia

Campaigners who want Australia to become a republic are using bombshell claims made by Prince Harry to advance their cause, a monarchist said.

The most impressive horns and antlers in the animal kingdom

Horns and antlers are extensions of an animal's skull and are generally found only on males, though there are quite a few exceptions. Although horns and antlers look similar in appearance, there are significant differences between animals with antlers and animals with horns. Primarily, antlers are paired, branched structures that are made entirely from bone and are shed annually, whereas horns are unbranched, two-part structures with a bony core and covered by a keratin sheath. Either way, this unique headgear is magnificent in appearance and crowns some of the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom. So, who wears it best? Click through and find out who tops the lot.

History's most bizarre food disasters

Some of our most beloved foods have been known to cause quite a bit of trouble in the past. We've seen sugar explosions, flaming cheese, and rivers of whiskey. Sounds fun in theory, but in reality these deadly incidents caused astronomical damage! Large-scale industrial facilities that provide for the modern diet are high-risk zones for accidents. All sorts of things can go wrong, and quite often they did. Click through this gallery to learn about some of the most unbelievable food-related catastrophes in history.

On-screen couples with zero chemistry

Isn't it beautiful when couples just seem to be made for each other? We love a good romance, and some actors just seem to spark something magical when they're together. Some on-screen couples just have great chemistry and there's no way to deny it. But the opposite is also true. Many on-screen couples lack this chemistry to the point where it can be uncomfortable to watch. We've talked about the on-screen couples with great chemistry before, so now it's time to list the ones who have none, and almost painfully so. Click through the gallery and see if you find your perfectly imperfect on-screen couple.

Queen's sorrow over father King George VI's death revealed in heartfelt letter

The Queen kept her heartbreak hidden in public, but revealed her deep sorrow to a trusted former courtier.

What are the new rules on log burners and are they going to be banned?

What are the new rules on log burners and are they going to be banned? - Wood stoves targeted by latest government environmental regulations

Signs that your cat is sick

The domestic cat is one of the most popular choices of pet in the world. Quiet, cuddly, and independent, cats make ideal companions. But our furry friends still need looking after and, because they so often keep themselves to themselves, it's sometimes difficult to know when a cat's not feeling very well. So, how do you recognize the signs of illness in cats? Click through and be aware of what to look out for and how to respond.

David Hasselhoff's daughter ties the knot in black-tie garden wedding

David Hasselhoff was a picture of the proudest father as he walked his daughter Taylor down the aisle on her wedding day. The daughter of the Baywatch star wed her beau Madison Fiore in a luxurious black-tie garden wedding in California. The luxury real estate agent and CEO, 32, said 'I do' to her true […]

King Charles shares message on New Zealand national holiday while snubbing Australia

The UK monarch sent over his warm wishes over to mark Waitangi Day on Monday with the letter written in English and the native te reo language.

Grammys winner Harry Styles accused of ‘white privilege’ in acceptance speech backlash

Harry Styles's Grammys speech has sparked a backlash after he claimed "this doesn’t happen to people like me very often" while accepting an award that white men have won 32 times. Styles won the coveted album of the year award as well as best pop vocal album for his third studio album, "Harry's House", at the 65th awards show in Los Angeles on Sund...

Going braless: benefits and beginner advice

The no-bra look is a big trend in fashion and feminism these days, but is it really better than wearing a bra? Going braless is all about personal choice. We all love taking off an uncomfortable bra after a long day, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone all the time. The key here is freedom. Whether you want to wear a bra or not, you should be able to make your decision purely based on your own comfort and physical needs. There are plenty of harmful myths and attitudes floating around that may prevent a woman from doing this freely. Click through this gallery to see them deflated and learn more about the benefits of going braless.

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

Many celebrity couples got together on set, but for some, the price to pay was the end of their previous marriages. Hollywood is full of love stories, but the truth is that some of these are way messier than we imagine. It's never fun when families get destroyed in the name of love, but sometimes there is no other way. Luckily, many of these stories also have a happy ending, where the couple that was meant to be together actually does get married and lives happily ever after! Well, sometimes. Click through and discover the movies that ruined real-life marriages.

I can’t climax quietly – and I’m worried my teenage kids will hear me

I am a married woman in my 50s who enjoys an active and enjoyable sex life . Unfortunately, I can’t climax any more without a great deal of drama , including moaning, heavy breathing, even crying or shouting. We have teenage children and I worry about the embarrassment that I might cause them. Do you think they are likely to be adversely affected? And do you have any tips for how to have quieter sex? Rather than trying to gag your natural...

Captivating and creepy facts about the Middle Ages

Did you know that archery at one time was mandatory? Or that you could actually pay your rent in eels? These represent just some of the shocking happenings during the Middle Ages. While this period of time is often referred to as the Dark Ages, this gallery is here to shed some light on life in the Medieval period. Click through to find out some fascinating, odd, and downright gross facts about the Middle Ages.

'I'll never put my heating on again!' The Lakeland bargain that costs 1p to run all night

"It costs just 1p to run all night and heats up so fast."

Mother and her seven children die after clothes dryer burst into flames while they slept

The fire was the worst of its kind in nearly a decade with eight deaths in the tragic emergency.

King Charles set to ditch clothing that is key to Coronation tradition as it's 'too dated'

Royal fans are eagerly waiting to witness the first British Coronation service in over seventy years in exactly three months time today.

Royal Family LIVE: Charles warned Harry and Meghan Coronation plan is 'rife with problems'

Reports of a plan for the Coronation dubbed "Harry in a hurry" emerged over the weekend.

24 hours as a teacher in a British school: Stretched staff, distressed students and no time for the toilet

As strikes highlight the recruitment and retention crisis in schools, a former teacher shares her diary revealing the pressures facing staff in a typical day

Genius fried egg hack to flip them perfectly and never break the yolk

Sick of breaking the yolk when you flip your fried egg? Never do it again with this hack.

Historical figures called crazy, who were right all along

So many of the things we take for granted today, things that so obviously improve our lives, didn't catch on as easily as you might think. It can be difficult for people to come around to new ideas, even when adopting them would be in their best interest. Indeed, individuals throughout history have been doubtful of everything from penicillin to airplanes, only to be proven extraordinarily wrong once the concepts they mocked went on to change the world. Although it's great that people usually come around to amazing ideas, it can be a very frustrating process for those thinkers and inventors who can't see why the world doesn't want their help. In some cases, these heroes of humanity couldn't even stick around long enough to see their work be appreciated. But we can certainly appreciate them now. Read on to learn about the figures throughout history who were right all along.

Britain’s greatest barn-find haul?

8 vintage toys you might have in your home that are worth a fortune today

In this article we will explore eight vintage toys that you may have in your home without knowing that they have become invaluable today. From early toys Lego to cuddly Furby, from cards Pokemon to Hot Wheels, some of the toys we loved as children have become highly sought-after collectibles. Whether you are a toy enthusiast or just curious, this photo gallery will reveal some hidden goodies you may have in your home.

Catholic church unveils Black Mary and Jesus posters in anti-racism drive

Catholic church unveils Black Mary and Jesus posters in anti-racism drive - “It is important that we recognise the rich diversity of the Catholic community, not only in England and Wales, but throughout the world”

Movies that led actors to quit the film industry

Fame and fortune were traditionally part of the 'American Dream,' but as celebrities have more and more freedom to speak directly to their fans and share their experiences, it's clear that it's not all it's cracked up to be. The publicity alone comes with a whole host of problems, and some actors just can't hack it. For others, they simply become disillusioned with the entertainment industry after working within its walls for many years. Child actors often get caught up in the business after they get spotted by talent agents or pushy parents decide they have star power, but later come to the conclusion that the life of an actor really isn't for them. Click through the following gallery to see which movies led these actors to bow out of the film industry altogether.

15 perfectly normal things that were scandalous 100 years ago

As we learn more about the way the world works, our beliefs regarding acceptable behavior change. At the turn of the 20th century, no one was expected to practice household recycling, for example. Nowadays it's almost shocking if someone doesn't separate their trash. Of course it can work the other way too, and many of today's common practices would have been horrifying back then. Check out this gallery to see which everyday occurrences would have shocked folks a century ago.

The royal dress that means a lot to Lady Louise Windsor - dates back to Queen Victoria

Lady Louise Windsor, 19, the eldest child of Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward, made history at her royal christening.

Celebs who used to be cheerleaders

When we think of American high schools, one of the first things that springs to mind is cheerleading. Along with prom kings and queens and shark tank cafeterias, cheerleading is up there as one of the most stereotypically American high school experiences. As an activity, it can range from simply chanting slogans to an intense physical workout, and it's perfectly possible to be a good or bad cheerleader. In fact, cheerleading itself is a competitive sport. Check out this gallery to find out which celebrities (for better or worse) are ex-cheerleaders.

Celebrities who babysat other celebrities

Most people’s babysitting stories involve awkward encounters, unrequited crushes, or teenage angst, but some lucky few get to tell stories of their celebrity babysitters—and some even become celebrities themselves! There are a surprising number of celebrities who looked after younger up-and-coming celebrities, whether as a favor to a friend or because they really needed the cash. Click through to see which stars babysat other stars.

Tributes paid to fashion journalist Hilary Alexander following death, aged 77

Tributes paid to fashion journalist Hilary Alexander following death, aged 77 - The former fashion director at The Daily Telegraph died on Sunday on her 77th birthday.

South London woman furious after spotting 'fake' homeless person 'scam' Domino's out of a free pizza

Others encouraged the woman to 'be kind' during these 'tough times'

£1 hack 'works much better' than detergent - 'you will never do laundry the same again'

A cleaning influencer claims her hack "works so much better" on white loads of laundry than detergent.

Sylvanian Families shop in north London to close after 30 years - and fans are heartbroken

It's the only one in Europe.

Homeowner bursts into tears as first house is destroyed by horror car smash

"It's my first home and I had to save a lot to get it in the first place. I'm just really struggling with how I'm going to afford this."

Desperate Londoner begs for advice after stranger keeps pooing outside their front door

It has happened on two occasions

Baby Yuna Plays Fetch

Occurred on December 22, 2022 / Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA: "Yuna is my 15-week-old kitten. She loves to play fetch every morning with whatever she can find, whether it's a twist tie, a hairband, or her favorite ball. She'll play anywhere from 10 minut

'A wonderful teacher and delightful person': Colleagues pay tribute to head found dead with daughter and husband

Former colleagues of the headteacher of Epsom College, who was found dead along with her husband and young daughter, have paid tribute to a "wonderful head" and "dear friend".

Mother of missing aristocrat Constance Marten tells daughter: I will support you

Mother of missing aristocrat Constance Marten tells daughter: I will support you - Virginie de Selliers said she will do whatever she can for her daughter and grandchild, in an open letter published on Tuesday.

Emmerdale fans puzzled by wardrobe blunder as they're convinced scene has been cut

Emmerdale fans were left puzzled tonight by an apparent wardrobe blunder on the ITV soap, as two characters were seen wearing the same outfit but it was not mentioned by the characters on the show

These ruthless rulers killed family members to gain power

When the line of succession dictates that a close relative must die in order for you to take power, family loyalty becomes a little blurry. Many power-hungry rulers in history only got to the top by taking out members of their bloodline. Others simply killed off their closest competitors as a precautionary measure. In certain parts of the world, murdering your siblings to secure your crown was commonplace! A surprising number of the most famous leaders in history are guilty of executing their family members. Click through the gallery to learn about these cruel and tragic circumstances.

Fictional characters inspired by real people

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, so it makes sense that some of the most wildly imaginative works of fiction known to man today have borrowed heavily from real life. From movie villains to literary heroes, animated TV shows to multi-million-dollar franchises, numerous characters have been inspired by quite surprising people. Click through to see the fascinating real-life counterparts to beloved figments of imagination.

Vintage wedding photos of celebs from yesteryear

The glitz and glamor of Old Hollywood add an extra dreamy quality to these old wedding photos. The legends of the silver screen set the standard for celebrity weddings, and some of their wedding dresses are still emulated today. Let's take a look at some of the biggest icons of the 20th century on their wedding days. Click through to get started.

King Charles and Queen Camilla will get new thrones for Coronation as fresh details emerge

The Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey on May 6.