Asda shopper told his 'bargain' breakfast would cost £617

The man nearly parted with more than £600 for a packet of Asda Extra Special almond croissants.

'America is waking up': Harry and Meghan warned the tide is turning amid parody books

Prince Harry's memoir Spare is being parodied with the release of Spare Us! A Harrody just two months after his controversial book was published at the beginning of January.

What fate befell the six wives of Henry VIII?

Henry VIII was King of England from 1509 until his death in 1547. As monarch, he is especially known for his six wives and, in particular, his single-minded effort to have his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled. This led to his excommunication by the Pope and the initiation of the English Reformation. Indeed, his parting with Catherine led to a split with Rome. But what of his subsequent marriages? And who were the six queens consort wedded to Henry? Click through and find out who got divorced, who died, who ended up beheaded, and who survived.

The Royal Family's home that King Charles was banned from living in

It was revealed that The King previously hoped to live in there

Prince Harry set to be excused from paying homage to Queen Camilla at King's Coronation

The Duke of Sussex attacked his stepmother in his autobiography Spare, referring to her as "the villain" and the "third person in the marriage".

Charles' gesture to Camilla suggests what goes on 'behind palace doors' - claim

A body language expert spoke exclusively to about an instance of "rare and jaw-dropping PDA" between Charles and Camilla.

Tesco announces Easter store closures - alongside Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury's

Before heading down to your local store, it is always advisable to double-check the opening hours and you can do this by going to the supermarket's online store finder tool

Coronation Street exit as Daisy receives chilling warning ahead of wedding day

Coronation Street bride-to-be Daisy Midgeley has been hit with a chilling warning ahead of her nuptials to Daniel Osbourne

Watch: ‘Cretin’ leaps from Venice roof into canal wearing just boxer shorts

A tourist who dived from the roof of a Venice palazzo into a canal has been described by the mayor of the World Heritage city as “a cretin”. The young man, who was wearing just a pair of boxer shorts, was filmed leaping from the top of the 30ft-high building and performing what looked like a belly flop into the water below. Shortly before he jumped...

Can you guess the celebs in these pictures?

Ever wonder what some of Hollywood, music, and sport's most handsome and famous men looked like as kids? Think you could recognize the likes of Bruce Willis, Tobey Maguire, or Brad Pitt from a throwback photo? Click through this fantastic gallery filled with awesome, old photographs of the stars before they were famous. How many can you guess right?

Expert claims Meghan 'deflected questions' about her engagement ring during interview

Meghan Markle, 41, became engaged to Prince Harry nearly six years ago and the couple sat down for their first interview with the BBC at the time. A body language expert spoke exclusively to about the Duchess of Sussex's reaction to her new engagement ring in the interview.

Channel migrant smugglers using DIY boats made from plywood barely 1mm thick amid fears of new disaster

Migrant smugglers are using boats made of plywood as barely a millimetre thick, with 'bouncy castle' style pipes and tiny engines.

Croydon pet shop raided twice in 24 hours by thieves stealing baby guinea pigs 'far too young to be away from their mum'

The shop says it has footage of young male attempting to force his way into several cages

Pickle bundles of joy! Houston Zoo's 90-year-old tortoise becomes a dad

Mr. Pickles, a 90-year-old radiated tortoise, is the oldest animal at the Houston Zoo - yet he has become a first-time father to three little Pickles. The trio of new tortoises have been named Dill, Gherkin, and Jalapeño. Mr. Pickles is the most genetically valuable radiated tortoise in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' (AZA) Species Survival ...

Dangerous toys that could have killed you

Some pretty questionable decisions have been made over the years when it comes to the development of children's toys. Surely everyone has the children's best interests (and the bottom line) at heart, but some products clearly just weren't thought through. Whether it be literal spears that you throw through the air or a science kit complete with uranium, some of history's hit toys have turned out to be killer items. Thankfully, most of these have been recalled, and we can now look back on our past mistakes to ensure they aren't repeated. Intrigued? Read on to learn about some of the most dangerous toys to ever hit the shelves.

Horoscopes today - Russell Grant's star sign forecast for Saturday, March 25

TODAY'S horoscope has one star sign full of pride after success at work, while another feels enthused. What else can you expect? Russell Grant shares his analysis

‘I didn't realise!' Woman able to save £500 a year on energy bills via home improvements

She was able to get a free EPC report which showed she could save a substantial amount by getting insulation for her roof space and attic room, she told in an exclusive interview.

Homeowner receives a barrage of complaints over rainbow-painted canopy

Complainants say the garish canopy ruins the view of the landscape.

Waitress furious after tourists leave 10 percent tip on £569 bill for flawless service

The waitress took to social media to vent her frustration.

30 things you probably didn't know about 'Breaking Bad'

How to make James Martin's 'legendary' Yorkshire puddings with gravy

James Martin shared how to make his "legendary" Yorkshire puddings and gravy.

Prince Harry's 'truth bombs' have brought down the whole Royal Family, shock poll reveals

The Royal Family's approval rating has slumped to its lowest level in 12 months following the publication of Spare, the Duke of Sussex's tell-all memoir.

Sussexes' Frogmore eviction is tip of the iceberg, royal source

His Majesty is said to view the eviction of Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage as 'just the start' of his plans to slim down the monarchy.

Bake Off star Briony May Williams left 'very unwell' after being repeatedly 'misdiagnosed'

The Great British Bake Off favourite Briony May Williams has spoken to about her experience with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) after being misdiagnosed.

Primark speaks out after 'women only' sign spotted in store

Primark had divided opinion as confused shoppers believed it had introduced a new policy.

Prince Harry's book 'was a mistake' that has 'considerably worsened' relationship with William

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry's book Spare has 'worsened' the rift in the Royal Family and means the Sussexes 'can no longer be trusted', royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told OK!

Cat Falls Prey To Puppy Pile

Occurred on March 11, 2023 / Crescent City, California, USA: "This is our cat Finn playing with a litter of 10 Golden Retriever puppies in our backyard. Finn won the battle and found higher ground in the end. Finn loves to go out when the puppies are le

Terrified couple with newborn unable to sleep after burglars target home overnight

Her partner was feeding their baby downstairs when he heard a "loud bang" outside the property in Lincolnshire.

Prehistoric animals you won't believe existed

The animal kingdom is full of a wide variety of animals living in the seas, land, and skies. Millions of years ago, many more species made the Earth their home, but have since gone extinct. In the following gallery, browse through and discover the incredible and fascinating animals that once roamed the planet.

30 perfect potato recipes that prove spuds are king

30 mouth-watering recipes that prove why the humble spud is a winning ingredient, time and time again.

Photos capture squalor and filth inside rat-infested restaurant

Food at Lilo Grill in Cardiff was likely to be "unfit for human consumption".

'I adopted a Labrador Rottweiler mix but I think the breeders lied - I'm rehoming him'

A mum says she was "duped" into buying a pit bull when she wanted a Labrador Rottweiler mix and has decided to rehome the puppy - but some say it may not be the breed she thinks.

The Bachelor star welcomes third baby into the world

Olena Khamula and husband Rodney Maroun welcomed their third child to the world on Saturday.

Voices: Would you show this ‘pornographic’ statue to your kids?

Would you show this ‘pornographic’ statue to your kids? - Three parents complained that their children felt uncomfortable in the class

Royal Family LIVE: Florida boss admits Americans find Harry and Meghan 'annoying'

Ron DeSantis said he admired the Queen's "stoicism" but added that he is a "little mixed" when it comes to younger royals.

Boy reunites elderly man with his lost $20,000 Cartier watch buried on beach

Incredible scenes unfolded on Australia's Balmoral Beach earlier this week when a 10-year-old boy unearthed a lost $20,000 Cartier Santos timepiece buried in the sand

This pyramid hidden in the forest contains a mysterious love note dating back from the 19th century

This pyramid hidden in the forest contains a mysterious love note dating back from the 19th century

North Korean women hiding in China's lawless Red Zone dubbed ‘real life Handmaid's tale'

One North Korean woman offered a harrowing account of being kicked and beaten after being sold to a Chinese man when she failed to get pregnant.

King plans to evict royal children from their London homes and rent them out for profit

Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's eviction from Frogmore Cottage the King is reportedly planning to extend his eviction powers in his quest for a slimmed-down monarchy.

The strangest trivia… unbelievable but absolutely true!

Princess Kate's wedding dress beats all other royals as the most popular of all time

Kate Middleton, 41, wore the most popular wedding dress of all time according to new research, beating the likes of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Victoria Beckham.

Loose Women panel bid farewell to 'wonderful friend' and co-star who quits after 15 years

Loose Women bid farewell to one of its colleagues on Friday, with Kaye Adams describing them as a "wonderful friend".

The happiest country in the world's residents are ‘incredulous' about ranking

Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for the sixth year running. exclusively spoke to a Finnish resident to find out why the people are "surprised" by the results and what the UK could learn from the Finnish lifestyle.

Washing machine myths to ‘ignore' for ‘improved results' - causes washes to ‘deteriorate'

The job of washing machines is to wash, spin, and clean clothes with minimal effort. Although this energy-efficient appliance nowadays is the most common in every household, there are still various misconceptions and myths circulating about the usage.

Princess Kate issues fresh plea over 'stressful' time after launching major new campaign

The Princess of Wales has been a passionate long-time campaigner for improving awareness around the importance of early childhood development.

22 small garden ideas – clever designs for maximizing a compact gardening space

Small garden ideas can transform even the tiniest outdoor space with a considered layout, creative planting, the right materials and more

Mum to be Gabriella Morby, from Birmingham, announced her pregnancy at her father's wedding - but not everyone was happy

A woman divided opinion when she surprised her father on his wedding day - by announcing her pregnancy during her speech. Gabriella Morby, 32, gave a speech at the reception of the marriage of her dad, 61, and his wife, 55. She handed him a book he used to read her as a child and asked him to turn to the first page which featured a scan revealing Gabriella was pregnant. The tutor and content creator from Birmingham, West Midlands, told the room "hopefully you'll see you have reason to read this book again in the not so distant future". The guests clapped and cheered - but when she posted the clip online, commenters accused her of stealing the couple's limelight on their big day. Gabriella, who gave birth to son George in January 2023, said: "They said it completely made their day and still talk about it now. "My dad said he couldn’t stop re-watching the video of the speech and announcement for a few days after the wedding. "They both cried at the time and were so emotional and happy. It was a really special moment as they had no idea I was going to announce that I was pregnant. "Me and my husband were trying for about three months and we were so excited when we found out. "Being called ‘selfish’ online was quite hurtful as my decision to announce my pregnancy was to make my dad and stepmum even more happy on their special day. It wasn’t meant to be about me at all."

'Insane' waitress sparks debate when she urges servers to confront customers who don't tip

A waitress encouraged other waiters to confront customers who didn't leave them a tip and demand to know why in a video that has caused huge debate among other servers.

Facts about alcohol that will shock you

If you enjoy a cold beer at a BBQ or an after-work cocktail, don't worry, the majority of adults drink alcohol at some point in their lives. And just like the reasons for drinking are highly varied, so too are the effects it has on our health. With both positive and obvious negative effects, there's a lot about this popular substance that you might not know. Consumed around the world in cocktails, beers, and wines, check out this gallery for some eye-opening facts about alcohol.

Cheapest holiday spot in Europe where wine costs £2

The Algarve is one of the cheapest places to buy a coffee or a glass of wine on holiday, a Post Office survey reveals. Falls in the value of sterling against many other currencies and rises in resort prices mean the cost of typical tourist items are higher in four out of five popular resorts and cities compared with a year ago, according to Post Of...