has issued a statement after installing new signage outside its changing rooms at a branch.

The retailler has clarified it has not introduced a new change in policy. The sign, spotted in the Nottingham branch, has replaced temporary signage but does not signify new guidelines.

The permanent sign reads: "These fitting rooms are for women only. We also have 'Any Gender' fitting rooms available for everyone - please ask."

When Nottinghamshire Live shared an image of this sign today, shoppers were divided because they had believed the retail giant had made new changes.

"Everywhere should still have women's only changing rooms," one Facebook user, from Nottingham, posted online.

"Sounds like they are catering for everyone," another added.

But a third said: "Why is this needed really?"

Primark said it made changes in all branches in September last year to introduce women-only fitting rooms, but made no amendments since then.

Temporary signage had been used in most stores since then and now these are being replaced with permanent notices, like the one pictured in Nottingham.

A spokesperson for the company said today: "Last September we announced some changes to the fitting rooms in all of our UK stores.

"This included the introduction of a women-only fitting room area as well as the any gender fitting room area - this has been operational in all UK stores since October.

"The temporary signage has recently been replaced with permanent signage, but the fitting rooms continue to run as they have done since October."

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