A moment that changed me: I was divorced, broke and alone – but I turned my life around with a list

The silence in the flat was deafening. Having lost almost everything in my divorce, it was now just me in a basement studio flat with black mould. I had no TV, no sofa and the wifi wasn’t set up. I sat at a cheap folding table and made a list. Since my life was no longer going to be the way I had planned – marriage, kids, a dog, a late-Victorian terrace in a country town – I was going to try something else. I was going to do all the things on my...

70 Of The Best Ever Glastonbury Fashion Looks To Inspire Your Packing

From Kate Moss' iconic 2005 ensembles to last year's double-denim obsession.

I Read 40 Men's Style Books, Here's How You Create A POWERFUL Image

🔴 For a limited time, go to for amazing offers. I recommend getting the box of 3 buckles and 2 straps, giving 6 possible belt combos, all for under $100. Or make sure to grab at least one strap and buckle; I know you'll love these belts. And don’t forget to sign up for their email list and "Anson TXT Club" for exclusive offers too.Thank you to Anson Belt & Buckle for sponsoring this video! ➡️ - Click here to watch What Your Style Says About YOU ➡️ - Click here to watch #1 Rule To Always Look Classy (How To Dress High Status) 📝(QUIZ) How do people perceive your style & image?: 👞My favorite products and accessories: 👉JOIN THE COMMUNITY ✔ Get access to perks on this channel: ✔ Join the Facebook Community: ✔ Learn how to dress for success & be confident: 🔴FREE MEN’S STYLE GUIDELINES: 📙7 Deadly Style Sins 📘How To Dress For Your Body Type 📗The Ultimate Guide To Casual Style 👉 FOLLOW ME ✔ Instagram: ✔ Pinterest: ✔ Facebook: ✔ Twitter / X: ✔ LinkedIn: 📺 MORE YOUTUBE CHANNELS ✔ Scenteno Channel: ✔ Spanish YouTube: ✔ Russian YouTube: 📨 CONTACT ✔ To Work With Me: [email protected] ✔ Talk to Me Directly: 📫 SHIPPING ADDRESS Antonio Centeno A Tailored Suit PO Box 415 Wittenberg, WI 54499 USA CHAPTERS 0:00 - I Read 57 Men's Style Books... Here's How To Dress High Status 1:05 - How to read a suit 2:15 - Check out Anson Belt 4:15 - Dressing the man 4:49 - Style & the man 5:00 - Clothes & the man 7:18 - Gentleman 10:40 - Men of Style & Icons of Style 12:00 - The Suit 13:36 - How to be a man #menstyle #mensfashion #booksummary 👔 Real Men Real Style helps YOU become the man you know yourself to be. Gentlemen, welcome. I'm Antonio Centeno, founder of Real Men Real Style. Join me as I empower you to wield style as your secret weapon for success. From men's shoes, men’s fashion, cologne, accessories, to men's hair – I've got your style essentials covered. Navigate beyond fleeting trends and embrace the essence of timeless men's fashion 👞 It’s not just about dressing well; it's about embodying the actions that lead to being a true gentleman. Get ready for job interview tips, life skills, and communication training that'll amp up your public speaking game. Achieve your dreams, earn more money, and exude confidence. 💼 New videos drop Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Don't miss out – hit that subscribe button and level up your style game with Real Men Real Style 🎩

The ‘island of immortals’ where residents regularly live past 100

The (Surprisingly Rich) History of Casual Style

Casual style is older than you might think! GUIDES YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS: → Ivy Style Primer → Trad Style Primer → Fedora Hat Guide → Flat Cap Guide → Men's Undershirts → James Bond Style Rules → Should You Wear A Jacket With A Shirt? → Business Casual Explained → Menswear Expert Reviews: Peaky Blinders → Boardwalk Empire Got It Wrong? → Mad Men Got It Wrong? Discover a world of knowledge and learn with our curated playlist! → → Gentleman's Gazette - Join Us! → Website: → A Shop for Gentlemen: → Support us on Patreon: - be a part of the community! → Instagram: → Facebook: VIDEO CREDITS: → Script: Jack Collins & Tyler Domecq → Camera: Graham ZIma → Editing: Jonathan Oster → Visual Supervisor: Jack Collins → mrcsends → Warner Bros. Pictures → Eon Productions → Paramount Pictures → NBC → 20th Century Studios → Lionsgate Films → Def Jam Records IMAGE CREDITS: → EdinPhoto → Townsends → → Men's Fashion Magazine → → The Fedora Lounge → LIFE Magazine → CNN → TED Ideas → Rare Historical Photos → The COMM → Hypebeast What Kind of Gentleman Are You? Quiz: Want to join our team? Take a look at our open positions!: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel!: 00:00 Casual Style Origin Introduction Casual clothes have been around since civilization began. But across cultures, the biggest determining factor separating formal and casual garments was the class divide. 01:45 1880s-1910s The Late Victorian/Edwardian eras look extremely formal compared to the 21st Century. But casual style very much existed. Practical solutions were a huge part of clothing in these decades. 03:24 The 1920’s Following WW1, more technical fabrics in workwear gained popularity. Niche items, like leather jackets, were used as hard-wearing options for more laborious jobs or exposure to the elements. 04:35 The 1930’s During the Great Depression, many men simply couldn’t afford to replace their clothing often. While suits were still extremely commonplace, workwear items like overalls were also seen. 05:15 The 1940’s Cloth rationing in relation to WWII had a major influence on style. Dress shirts were now seen as acceptable when worn unlayered. 06:15 The 1950’s Following the war and the relaxation of rationing, people were aching to try out new styles. While many people were content to slowly evolve their style, the various youth counter-culture movements came to the fore in the 1950s. 07:24 The 1960’s The Counterculture movement exploded in the mid-1960s. Mod fashions seemed incongruous with traditional items like stingy brim fedoras. Celebrities like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix & The Rolling Stones also promoted a more egalitarian, casual style of dress. 08:26 The 1970’s If the 1950s and 60s were about style experimentation, then the 1970s pushed things into overdrive! Cheaper construction methods and fabrics (in particular, a heavy focus on synthetics) meant that more people were able to change their wardrobes regularly. 9:19 The 1980s While the 1970s created a clear divide between formal and casual styles, the 80s was the decade that made them polar opposites. As typified in popular stories set in the 1980s such as Wall Street and American Psycho, the power of tailoring returned with a vengeance. 10:55 The 1990s The 90s showcased the continuation of how people experimented with casual clothes. Oversized clothing was somewhat popular in the 80s, but the 90s took it even further. 11:45 2000s-Now Now that we’ve seen how casual style has grown in prevalence over the last 150 years or so, it’s no surprise that casual is king in the 21st Century. With a more modern version of “athleisure” continuing to be a sign of luxury for many. 13:55 Conclusion With that said, we’re curious: what do you think of casual style overall? How do you incorporate it into your wardrobe? And which era of historical casual style is your favorite? 14:09 Outfit Rundown #casual #style #notsponsored

‘After spending £15,000 doing it up the garden is my favourite place to sit’

When Louise and Jesse Boyce viewed their future family home in 2020 the modernisation of the Edwardian property, which had been stripped of its period features, instantly put them off. But a quick Google search revealed its potential. An old listing of the property revealed what it had looked like when its Edwardian features were still intact. On s...

The health risks of being a skinny old person – and how to stay strong

Like so many fitness influencers, Rosemary Mallace runs strength-based classes on YouTube. Unlike so many fitness influencers, she is 73. She’s just starting to add fell running and tap dancing to her exercise regime. “I’m trying to think of something that I can’t do that I used to be able to do and I can’t think of anything.” It seems the Miss Mar...

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health

5 ways loneliness can negatively affect your health - Sometimes you can also feel isolated when you’re around people.

Living on Lanzarote: advantages, cost of living and why choose it

The island of Lanzarote emerges from the Atlantic Ocean as a unique enclave, a land of contrasts where volcanic nature combines with serene beaches and an excellent climate. Deciding to live on Lanzarote is opting for a particular lifestyle, in which the environment's calm and beauty play a leading role.

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The smart way to embrace shades from slate to silver

This is the best time of day to eat breakfast, according to nutritionists

When you eat is just as important as what you eat

How to tell if you’re a social media addict

How to tell if you’re a social media addict - LET’S UNPACK THAT: More than half of Gen Z believe they have a problem when it comes to scrolling, with an increasing number seeking professional help. Helen Coffey investigates what effects being constantly online can have on our mental health and asks the experts how to break the cycle

Study reveals how much you need to exercise to avoid insomnia

Exercising at least twice a week significantly cuts the risk of insomnia, according to a study.

"I never worked out - now, at 46, I'm in my best shape ever and proof that it's never too late to find your fitness"

Lavina Mehta MBE built a body for life later in life - and reckons you can, too.

Europe’s 10 coolest neighbourhoods – and how to see them like a local

It seems that everyone wants to “live like a local” on their city breaks these days. No, we don’t mean getting up at 7am for a crowded commute to the business district, sustaining yourself on Starbucks and overpriced sandwiches, and spending the evenings watching Netflix. We mean escaping the tourist trail to discover what really makes a city tick....

The World’s Most Luxurious Retirement Homes, review: how the filthy rich grow old

Old age is big business, there being so much of it to get through nowadays and the boomers having all the net worth. Hence programmes like The World’s Most Luxurious Retirement Homes (Channel 5). Welcome to The Palace in Miami, a gleaming neo-palazzo modelled without shame or compunction on the George V in Paris. It was founded by a woman from Isra...

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Swimwear season is officially here

US states where people live the longest

10 science-backed ways to reverse your biological age

Living in Faro, the Algarve: best areas, cost of living and advantages

Faro, the capital of Portugal's sunny Algarve region, attracts residents and tourists for its natural beauty, cultural heritage and enviable quality of life. This charming city, situated in the south of Portugal, offers a vibrant mix of tradition and modernity, making it a popular destination for those looking to live a quiet life by the sea.

Over a quarter of people are breaking this important coffee rule

Four easy ways to cut 300 calories a day

We all know it’s generally a good idea to eat less, but a recent scientific study has shown that cutting your calorie intake by 25 per cent could help you live longer. For women that will mean cutting their calories by around 500 a day, from the recommended 2,000 a day. Men will need to cut 625 calories from the usual 2,500. Researchers at the Penn...

30 things Americans consider normal – but no one else understands

Is there anyone they don't tip on?

‘We live in the best house in the world’: five design experts on how to live better in small homes

Australia has some of the largest homes in the world. Many who do live small aspire to one day live big. But around the world, limited space is not always seen as a sacrifice. From Sweden, where the average size of an apartment is 68 sq metres, to Hong Kong’s micro flats as small as 18 sq metres, globally architects are used to getting creative with tight spaces – they must let as much light in and offer individuals and families the same...

The Mediterranean diet is out — the Atlantic diet is the summer upgrade to know

The Mediterranean diet is out — the Atlantic diet is the summer upgrade to know - This coastal diet could be the smart swap you need for ultimate summer wellness, says nutrionist Louise Pyne

18 best swimming pools in London to take a dip in this summer

There's no better way to cool off.

Study shows the benefits of evening physical activity on glucose metabolism

The results, obtained by a team of scientists from the University of Granada (UGR), could have multiple practical implications, especially for people at risk of developing insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. The UGR's PROFITH CTS-977 Research Group, in collaboration with the "San Cecilio...

What you can do now to prevent a stroke in the future, according to doctors

What you can do now to prevent a stroke in the future, according to doctors - How to lower your stroke risk at every age

I only started to feel like an adult at 40 - after I made one big lifestyle change

I resigned to cosplaying adulthood with side-eyes and sighs - hoping no-one noticed I was only pretending to be like them.

This Guy Lost 80 Pounds and Gained Discipline Through Yoga

Zach Wolf never thought he'd be in a yoga studio in the first place

8 bad habits that destroy mental health and cause depression

There are habits that can negatively impact your mental health or even be destructive to your personality. Therefore, it is worth following advice that can help improve your psychological well-being and overall life, according to Psychological Support. Avoiding your own emotions It is important to allow yourself to feel different emotions. Talking ...

Classic sidepart hairstyle with a twist for men

MEN’S HAIR INSPIRATION: In this video, we show you how to get the Mid part with variations in a few easy steps, a hairstyle that goes well together with a conservative look of expensive quality found under the terms "quiet luxury

‘It probably saved my life’: How a low-carb diet can help with type 2 diabetes

‘It probably saved my life’: How a low-carb diet can help with type 2 diabetes - After he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Giancarlo and his wife Katie went on a journey to discover the low-carb diet that would eventually put him in remission

Foods that slow brain aging and how to incorporate them in your diet

A new study has shown that specific nutrients, similar to those found in the Mediterranean diet, can play a crucial role in slowing brain aging, according to Healthline. Foods that slow brain aging Scientists have found that fatty fish should be included in your diet. "Fatty fish, like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and trout, are rich in omega-3 fatt...

'Laoqianfeng' Is China's 'Quiet Luxury': Here's How The Ultra Rich Are Redefining Status Symbols

In China, the wealthiest millennials are showcasing their achievements through unique and understated status symbols, moving away from traditional ostentatious displays of wealth. As millennials, those in their late 20s to early 40s, reach significant life milestones, many are prioritising career progress and unique experiences over conventional sy...

Best plus size dresses to wear for all occasions

Best plus size dresses to wear for all occasions - From minis and midis to maxi dresses in all the styles under the sun, our edit of the plus size dresses for every event in your diary

How to master festival dressing in midlife

Festival season is upon us, which is marvellous news for those who like festivals, and less marvellous news for those who like live music, al fresco drinking and fresh air, but whose stomach churns at the thought of the camping part. If only there was a way to experience the good bits without recourse to the bad. And there is – it’s called a day ti...

The three classic stages of a midlife crisis – and how to get through them

My crisis didn’t crash calamitously into my life overnight nor was it linked to a big trauma. It was slow and insidious, creeping into my psyche like rainfall in a blocked gutter, taking months for the seep-seep pressure of water to build and the building to eventually crack. It was a steady erosion of self and status that centred mainly around my ...

Maya Jama on her skincare routine, social media habits and nurturing friendships

The Love Island presenter spills on her wellness regime

People should adopt ‘old-fashioned’ ways of staying healthy – Sir Chris Whitty

Making it easy and attractive for people to exercise is one of the most effective ways of maintaining independence, the Chief Medical Officer said.

5 Underrated Habits To Get Lean | Starting at 30% Body Fat

➢🔔Book a COACHING Call: How To Get Lean Sustainably ➢🔔 Making transformations like these happen over and over again, in 90 days or even 7 months aren’t done by a few simple tricks. My client Shannon at 56 didn’t achieve her dream physique by one particular diet. She actually had 1 or two glasses of wine a week. Nicholas losing over 30lb in 16 weeks and finally seeing his six pack was because of the habits we implemented at sculpt by science and The same goes for Dr. Amin and the hundreds of clients I’ve coached. I recently read the book “Atomic Habits” in short... my short review of the book is... wow. I get why there are over 5 million copies sold. It inspired me to make this video, I’m going to share with you 5 Atomic habits to get Lean. Every man and woman should see their abs at least once in their life, and it won’t be by overdoing cardio or startving yourself. It will be by creating small atomic habits that become your religion and your new way of life. These habits I’ll share with you is the culimiation of my 8 years experience and I have a feeling that this may be able to even change one persons life to better health. We are so close to reaching a million subscribers, I hope this video helps one person. If this channel has even helped you a little in the last 8 years, leave the video with a gentle thumbs up for the youtube algorithm and comment down bellow, one habit that helped you get lean.... Let’s kick it off. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ▶Instagram: ** The information in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional **

Self-care ideas needn't be complicated: 35 totally free things you can do from home

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These 6 tropical landscaping ideas will give your space a resort feel

Our tropical landscaping ideas will uplift your backyard with water features, lush plants, vibrant shades, and tactile materials in bright colors

'I'm 45, and this 12-week exercise programme changed my body (and life!)'

'I love being able to see what my body could do'

Best sustainable swimwear brands: Hunza G, OAS and more

Best sustainable swimwear brands: Hunza G, OAS and more - Luxury labels that don’t cost the earth

Top 8 health benefits of liquorice

Liquorice is one of the oldest herbal remedies and a popular confectionery, but is it good for us and how much is too much?

Self-care: why looking after No 1 isn’t always best for your wellbeing

Like many people, I find that stress transforms me into a nasty combination of Oscar the Grouch and Scrooge McDuck. The more pressure I am under, the more irritable I feel – and the less generous I become. I partly blame our culture. I’ve read enough wellness advice to know that I need to prioritise my own needs over other people’s. And so, when I feel under pressure, I have often made it a habit to practise small indulgences aimed at restoring...

Best dog collars and harnesses that are stylish and comfortable for your pooch

Best dog collars and harnesses that are stylish and comfortable for your pooch - Because we’re all mutts about our dogs

How to be frugal: Easy money-saving hacks from people who’ve mastered cutting back

How to be frugal: Easy money-saving hacks from people who’ve mastered cutting back - Living more frugally could reduce stress and help your money go further.

Younger and older residents in retirement villages ‘clash’ over ageism, study finds

Younger residents of retirement villages are at war with older generations who feel they are being treated like “lepers”, according to an academic study. Researchers interviewed 40 residents at four developments across England and were “surprised” to find the people they termed the “Peter Pans” were often at loggerheads with their older neighbours,...