Toyota trims electric car forecasts as hybrid sales boom

Toyota has trimmed its sales forecast for fully-electric cars amid a boom in demand for its petrol-electric hybrids. The world’s biggest carmaker by sales said it now expects to have sold 120,000 battery-powered electric vehicles by the end of the financial year, down from a previous forecast of 123,000. That forecast itself was already significant...

Ted Kravitz raises yet more questions about Red Bull’s RB20 innovative solutions

"If the looks like that going into the race in a week's time, I'll be surprised but nothing's impossible."

Celebrating the most radical Renaults

From the original Espace to the mid-engined Clio V6, Renault has often pushed boundaries in design and engineering.

Britain exporting polluting used cars to poorer countries, study warns

Britain exporting polluting used cars to poorer countries, study warns - Dirtier cars being shipped abroad than those sent to the scrapyard, research shows.

Nissan Juke revamped with bigger touchscreen and improved quality

Popular crossover upgraded to sustain its appeal, with better materials, larger touchscreen and new trim level

Behold, the Targa-topped ‘Sotto’: Singer’s 300th restoration

4.0-litre nat-asp flat-six. Five-speed manual. Carbon fibre body. Open air. Glorious

Transformers: Cars that changed into something quite different

Take a look at these shape-shifters who, despite being related, are poles apart

I drove Toyota's all-new CH-R – if pure EVs aren't for you it's an ideal car

Available in hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV), Toyota's new CH-R is a car that ticks many boxes

Question of the Week: Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes McLaren SLR or Porsche Carrera GT?

This week we want to know which of the Noughties ‘Holy Trinity’ takes your favour. We fully expect this one to go down to the wire

The new Renault 5 EV could be one of the coolest and cheapest EVs of 2024

Renault lifts the lid on the price and some spec for its upcoming Renault 5 E-Tech model.

Top Gear's Top 9: truly unsung movie cars

Like the Bullitt Mustang! Just kidding

Mercedes reveal heavily-revised car and new look for crucial 2024

Mercedes have unveiled the heavily-revised car which they hope will allow them to scale Formula 1's "mountain" and catch Red Bull in 2024.

Volkswagen Touareg eHybrid review: in this form, you pay a significant premium for mediocrity

Whom exactly is the Touareg for? The original, launched 21 years ago, was part of a push by Ferdinand Piëch, the Volkswagen chairman at the time, to move the brand upmarket, a drive which also resulted in the Phaeton and Passat W8. All were good cars, but the VW badge simply couldn’t cut it in rarefied company; the Touareg was the only model to sur...

New Dacia Spring likely to be UK’s cheapest electric car

Here's what we know about the UK-specification Dacia Spring, an affordable electric car that has already proven popular in Europe.

Here are 14 of the best self-driving cars from TV and film

Supernatural, computer science, magic or murderous, these cars have minds of their own

The Grand Tour: Sand Job review – Blokey pantomime clocks in at more than two hours, but it’s actually enjoyable

The Grand Tour: Sand Job review – Blokey pantomime clocks in at more than two hours, but it’s actually enjoyable - 3/5 Clarkson and co are back, for their penultimate adventure, with a trip from Choum in Mauritania to the beaches of Dakar in Senegal

20 essential songs about cars

Whether driving down the street or planning a road trip, there's nothing like hearing tunes blast through car speakers. So put your pedal to the metal and check out these top songs about cars and driving.

Tesla 'Model 2': £22,000 EV tipped for production in Germany

Long-awaited entry-level Tesla is in line to be built in Berlin, using new, cost-reducing construction methods

New Volkswagen Touareg: revised suspension and engine line-up

New Volkswagen Touareg: revised suspension and engine line-up - Discreet luxury, refinement and practicality for nomadic Londoners

Eight affordable classic cars under £30k that have gone up in value this year - and they all evade ULEZ charges

If you can find one of these classics recommended by Hagerty, you'll be getting your hands on a vehicle that shot-up in value in 2023 by as much as 41%.

Halloween fright: 27 cars with a sinister side

The original Porsche 911 Turbo, the Plymouth Fury and even the Rover 100 – all these cars have a sinister side.

How the billionaire class is driving the resurgence of bespoke cars

Buying a car was once a made-to-measure process akin to ordering a bespoke suit. A wealthy driver would select a carmaker for the chassis, engine and moving parts of the vehicle, and a separate coachbuilder for the body. Now a surge of spending from the ultra wealthy has brought back a custom car industry that collapsed after the Second World War. ...

You can't order Elon Musk's new Tesla Cybertruck in Britain - here's why

An event at the firm's Giga Texas facility overnight saw around a dozen Cybertrucks given to their lucky owners in a glitzy handover. But the EV is unlikely to be sold in the UK or Europe.

The junkyard gems of Desert Valley Auto Parts, Arizona

Let's take a look at some abandoned classics that are far more than meets the eye

How Autocar is made

We take you behind the scenes in the production process of Autocar

HMRC quietly closes loophole that saves drivers thousands in car tax

HMRC quietly closes loophole that saves drivers thousands in car tax - Double-cab pick-ups, such as the Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara, have grown in popularity in recent years

US blocks Volkswagen imports over claims they were made with forced Chinese labour

Thousands of luxury cars including Porches, Audis and Bentleys have been impounded at US ports amid allegations they contained parts made through forced labour in China. The brands are all owned by German giant Volkswagen and contain “western China” electronic components suspected of breaching anti-slavery laws, according to the Financial Times. It...

Driverless cars recalled after two vehicles crash into towed truck

A self-driving car business owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet has been forced to update its software for the first time after two of its vehicles hit a pickup truck. Waymo has issued a recall of its driverless taxi technology for the first time after two of its vehicles hit the same truck that was in the process of being towed away in Arizo...

Question of the Week: Bugatti, Koenigsegg or Pagani?

Three of the most exclusive of modern manufacturers, with dozens of engineering masterpieces between them. But which one rises to the top?

Pity SUV drivers, fast being priced out of their badges of contempt for the planet

If you have tears – that is, any not used up on MPs struggling to get by, parents forced to choose between skiing and private schools, second homeowners who feel unwelcome, Etonians shut out of Oxbridge, and people cut adrift with unusable city wood burners – prepare to shed them on the latest affluent but afflicted minority: Range Rover owners unable afford their car insurance. Thanks in large part to the Daily Mail, which has been prioritising...

The Queen's Range Rover sells for a record price: The 2004 SUV jumped in value by 302 PER CENT in just four months - here's the reason why

Its sale price will come as a massive blow to a former keeper, who parted with the Range Rover in July for a mere £33,002.

Ultimate barn find: Selection of 20 classic cars stashed at a farm for years are to be sold at auction

The selection of motors has been amassed by a petrolhead with a keen eye for old American muscle cars as well as some modern classics, from Fast Fords to Mercedes SLs and even Porsches.

Feast your eyes on these stunning Lamborghini Countach and Revuelto 1:8 scale models

Priced at between £12k and £15k, they take 400 hours to make and are limited to just 199 units each

Hyundai Casper looks destined for Europe – and it could finally kickstart an affordable EVs arms race

The Hyundai Casper has been spied being tested in Scandinavia – and the low cost city car could shake up the EV industry.

Ford Connect Grand Tourneo long term test: Do you really need an SUV?

In recent weeks The Telegraph’s motoring writers have been much exercised by the take up of Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in the UK, where they occupy some 56 per cent of all new-car sales. Opinions have been trenchant and robustly put on both sides of the argument. And while you might reasonably ask ‘just exactly what constitutes an SUV these days...

Woah, this bonkers hillclimbing BMW i8 has FOUR engines, 868bhp and a 14,800rpm redline

Team Edlinger’s hillclimb racer has to be one of the most beautifully complex machines in motorsport

The bad habits that might kill your car

Small, basic steps can keep your car running longer -- and save you money

Here's your first look at the 223mph Rodin FZero prototype hypercar

It’s powered by a crazed 4.0-litre V10 which the brand also intends to sell as a crate engine for motorsport use

Some vehicles on Australian roads use 20% more fuel than claimed – which models are the worst?

Cars driven in Australia consume up to 20% more petrol than manufacturers are claiming, according to a program that tests “real world” on-road fuel efficiency with laboratory calculations. The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) testing – funded by the federal government – also found four of the 13 vehicles tested in its latest round of compliance checks exceeded regulatory limits for oxides of nitrogen or carbon monoxide. The testing of...

New Toyota Prius hybrid arrival date confirmed - but this fifth-generation car isn't cheap

Having said the new Prius would not be sold in Britain due to a lack of demand for saloon cars, bosses at the Japanese company U-turned on that decision - and have now confirmed it arrival date and price.

President Joe Biden’s Cadillac ATS-V is up for auction

A bespoke build for President Biden, this one-off Cadillac ATS-V is listed on the Cars & Bids auction site.

29 car brands we’d like to bring back

Over the years, we’ve waved goodbye to some great carmakers. Here are some we wish would rise again, along with others that already have.

Best supercars to buy in 2024

The most exciting supercars on sale in 2024, including the McLaren Artura, Ferrari 812 Superfast and Maserati MC20.

One of four Jaguar C-X75 supercars built for 2015 Bond film Spectre has been made road legal - and now it's for sale

The orange Jaguar C-X75 - with a chassis number ending with the iconic '007' - is one of a handful of specially-made cars commissioned to play a pivotal role in 007 movie Spectre.

King Charles' Jaguar I-Pace up for auction - the first EV in the Royal Family

In a blaze of British, a Jaguar I-Pace personally purchased by King Charles III will go up for auction at Ascot Racecourse next month.

Driverless cars covered 5x more test miles in California in 2023

By Abhirup Roy SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Completely driverless vehicles traveled nearly 3.3 million miles in California last year, over five times the previous year's total, even as concerns rose in the wake of a Cruise robotaxi accident, state data on vehicle testing released on Friday showed. General Motors' Cruise and Alphabet's Waymo accounted for the bulk of the miles - 63% and 36%

Survivors: The world’s longest-living cars

While many models come and go, there are some that refuse to fall...

Best used buys for every budget from £2500

Used car prices are finally falling again; here are our top picks for low mileage bargains, all the way up to £50k

Revealed: The early technical clues from F1 2024’s first six car launches

The extent of RB moving closer to Red Bull has been examined in this year's early F1 designs, along with further big changes on the other launch cars.

Toyota halts shipment of some vehicles over certification issues

(Corrects affected engines sold to about 84,000 from 840,000 in paragraph 5) TOKYO (Reuters) -Toyota Motor said it would suspend shipments of some models including the Hilux truck and Land Cruiser 300 SUV after irregularities were found in certification tests for diesel engines developed by affiliate Toyota Industries. A special investigative committee had found irregularities during horsepower