• Tonya Spanglo, 45, from Oklahoma, had gastric sleeve surgery in late 2019 
  • She has lost a total of 230 pounds following the life-changing procedure 
  • The TikTok star recently shared how she navigates eating over the holidays 

A woman who lost 230 pounds has revealed her tips for enjoying the holidays without derailing your weight-loss journey. 

Tonya Spanglo, 45, from Oklahoma, has more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok, where she shares recipes that helped her transform her body after having gastric sleeve surgery in December 2019. 

The content creator, known as @takingmylifebackat42, recently opened up about how she eats on Thanksgiving and Christmas following the life-changing procedure. 

'How are you going to navigate the holiday season and not ruin your weight loss journey? That is what this video is about,' she began the nearly three-minute clip.

'I'm going to give you all the tips and tricks I've learned over the past four years — and all the tips and tricks that come straight from my dietitian.'

Tonya Spanglo's six tips for holiday eating 

  1. Use a small plate 
  2. Take things for you 
  3. Focus on protein 
  4. Eat small portions 
  5. No tracking 
  6. Enjoy your holiday

Spanglo's first tip was to use a small plate instead of a large one. 

She held up the platter-size plates she has for her family and compared them to the dessert plate she will be using this holiday season. 

'Look at the size difference. Use a smaller plate,' she advised. 'I do this all year long. I always use a salad plate. I always use a small plate because it tricks your brain into thinking you've got a full plate of food when you really don't.'

Spanglo's second piece of advice was to 'take something you know you can eat on your weight-loss journey.'

She explained that she was going to make a peanut butter protein pudding pie in a pecan crust that she and her sister, who also had weight-loss surgery, could enjoy for dessert.  

'The deviled eggs are great, the turkey is great, there are lots of things you can make,' she noted. 'But take something that you know you can eat.'

Thirdly, Spanglo recommended focusing on protein when you're making your plate around the holidays.  

'Load that plate up with turkey. My plate, a fourth of it is going to be just turkey because it's tons and tons of protein. Same thing with the deviled eggs,' she said.

The weight-loss influencer's fourth tip was to eat what you want but only have small portions of the less healthy options.  

'I'm going to have a little bit of the things that I wouldn't normally have, like all the sides,' she said.

Spanglo explained that she doesn't tend to eat casseroles or mashed potatoes, but she makes an exemption around the holidays. 

'Those are going to be on that little small plate, a little bit of each one is going to be on it. I'm going to eat it. I'm going to enjoy it,' she said. 'So eat the things you wouldn't normally eat, just a smaller portion.'

She added that the same thing goes for dessert, which she will eat in moderation on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

'You don't need 15 desserts. That's the old you. The old you needed 15 desserts. You don't. You're going to top out at about three,' she told viewers. 

She shared that the majority of her dessert will be her protein pudding pie, but she will also have very small portions of carrot cake and pumpkin pie topped with Cool Whip. 

Spanglo advised against tracking calories on holidays, but she acknowledged that it was a personal choice. 

'I don't track a single thing on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. I just choose not to. You can do whatever you want to do, what works for you,' she said.  

'I know for a fact that the days for me used to revolve around food. Now they don't. Now they revolve around family... I'm just going to enjoy the day.'

Spanglo's final tip was to enjoy your holiday and not beat yourself up over the amount of calories you consume, even if it's more than you intended.  

'Know that whatever you do on those days... is not going to deter all the work you've done all year long. It is just not. I don't care if you consume 4,000 calories,' she said. 

'Mindfully make your plate. Mindfully sit down and enjoy it, and then throw it in the trash and do not snack. Do not graze. You are done. You've had your meal. You've had your dessert, and it's time to enjoy your holiday season,' she concluded.

Spanglo's video has been viewed nearly 75,000 times and has received more than 230 comments since it was posted last week. 

'I needed this! I have struggled with the best way to get through the holidays without ruining my diet!' one person responded. 

'I love your realistic attitude to life,' someone else gushed. 

'Thank you for this! This is my first holiday season post-RNY [gastric bypass]. I keep saying, it's a holiDAY, not a holiWEEK,' another shared. 

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