and became engaged back in November 2017, when the new royal bride showed off her diamond for the first time. In an interview with the BBC, the Duke of Sussex explained the design behind the ring and why he chose each individual diamond.

Harry said: "The ring is obviously yellow gold because that's her favourite and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana, and the little diamonds either side are from my mother's jewellery collection, to make sure that she's with us on this crazy journey together."

Meghan, however, eventually upgraded her engagement ring, because by 2019 the ring was no longer "yellow gold" as Harry previously stated.

The band had clearly been replaced by a thin micro-pavé band, which surprised many fans.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, has taken a look back at the couple's original engagement interview to explain whether or not Meghan liked the original design of her engagement ring.

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She claimed: "A very young bride on her first marriage will often be thrilled with any design of engagement ring.

"But as a very style-conscious woman in her second marriage, Meghan was much more likely to have her ideal design firmly in her mind and this could have led to her modifications.

"Divorce does a lot to focus the thinking in terms of a second trip up the aisle, which can affect the choices of the husband as well as extending to the ring and the dress.

"Meghan and Harry are clearly in a very besotted stage of love here but Meghan is also probably well past the stage in life where a Haribo ring will do."

According to the body language expert, Meghan performs a key body language gesture when asked about her ring in the interview.

Judi opined: "When the interviewer asks: 'Tell us about your ring' Meghan looks down with a smile but then looks up at Harry to deflect the question to him.

"This is despite the fact that it seems to have been asked of her. Her ring hand is placed on top of their handclasp.

"This is so that the ring is visible but without being totally displayed.

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"It's Harry who picks her ring finger up to show it as he describes what it is made from like a QVC salesman."

Judi explained what Meghan's response says about her opinions on the ring.

She noted: "Meghan's body language response suggests it's the emotional message that clearly affects and moves her more than the ring itself.

"This is because she re-activates and looks up at the interviewer when Harry tells her that there are diamonds from his mother's collection there.

"This seems most important to Meghan and she begins to gently rub Harry's hand with her thumb in a gesture of comfort and support."

However, Judi claims that this response from the Duchess of Sussex showed pride from the bride-to-be.

She explained: "Even her next comment 'He designed it' sounds and looks like a more maternal form of pride.

"Meghan tends to show the ring to herself more here, looking down and flexing her fingers as she does so."

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