The Ideal Maintenance for your Terrace: Tips to Preserve its Beauty

A terrace is like your outdoor oasis, where you can relax and enjoy the sun or the starry nights. However, proper maintenance is essential to keep it in perfect condition and make the most of this space. Here, I share some tips to preserve the beauty of your terrace.

Learn from the master: Martha Stewart's guide to gorgeous living

From cooking and entertaining to crafting and organising, Martha Stewart is an expert at making a house into a home. Read on for her very best decorating tips...

Dame Joan Collins’ 10 shopping commandments: from Saint-Tropez markets to Zara

Dame Joan Collins’ 10 shopping commandments: from Saint-Tropez markets to Zara - Broderie anglaise from Zara, Sensodyne toothpaste from Elizabeth Street and bras from Marks & Spencer. Dame Joan Collins tells Joe Bromley everything she knows about shopping

This writer's light-filled apartment makes a case for snubbing trends and prioritizing personal style

Ella Cajayon's New York apartment is the perfect blend of personal and stylish. Her design process for every living space always has the aim of creating a home that feels like a hug

How to use sun-drenched Mediterranean style to lift your home this winter

How to use sun-drenched Mediterranean style to lift your home this winter - With the nights quickly drawing in, Adele Cardani looks at how to refresh your home with a Mediterranean touch this winter

I’m A Fashion Editor And These Are The Flats I’ll Be Wearing All Winter Long

Stylish shoes needn't be sky-high

The best pet for you according to your personality and lifestyle

Looking for a pet, a dog perhaps or a cat? What about a rabbit or a hamster? Maybe it's a fish you're after, or some kind of bird. Acquiring a pet is one thing, but have you ever wondered whether or not you're actually compatible with animals? Believe it or not, it's possible to pick the perfect pet based on your personality and lifestyle. And it's important to choose the right buddy, because they can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. So, what character traits do you possess, and do they complement those of your chosen pet? Click through and pair yourself with your next companion.

Kelly Clarkson swears by these 5 tips to get her home ready for the holidays - and Wayfair makes them so easy to recreate

Kelly Clarkson has revealed her top tips for hosting a cozy holiday this Christmas. All of the tools you need are available at Wayfair

How to decorate for the holidays, according to your star sign

When it comes to holiday decorations, there's no accounting for taste. Some people prefer to cover their homes in gaudy lights, while others prefer minimal candles and a tree. As with anything, of course, we are all entitled to our opinions. In fact, astrologists will tell you that the way we like things during the holidays is very much out of our control. So as we head into the holiday season, check out how best to decorate your home, according to your star sign.

Explore an Alpine cabin that's the perfect balance between cozy and chic

Surrounded by snow-covered mountains, this chic chalet is designed to keep the cold at bay and everyone inside warm and cozy

'Mediterranean lifestyle' linked to lower cancer risk, says study - what it involves

Research came out suggesting a "Mediterranean lifestyle" could squash cancer risk, but what does that involve?

I lost 230LBS - my simple tips keep me from gaining holiday weight

Tonya Spanglo, 45, from Oklahoma, has more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok, where she shares recipes that helped her transform her body after having gastric sleeve surgery in 2019.

'Romanticize your life – and home – and feel happier, fast': design experts reveal the easiest switches to make

Designers share ways to elevate your space with easy habits.

The best skincare routine to use in your 30s

Let's dial it up a notch

How to make your apartment feel like a luxe hotel

Elevate your space and see How to make your apartment feel like a hotel. Add luxurious touches like scented candles, a mini fridge, and fluffy robes.

8 ways Salma Hayek, 56, stays fit AF without doing much

She looked 🔥🔥🔥 at the Oscars

As Blue Zone living trends on TikTok - 9 simple habits that promise to be key to a longer, healthier life

Like the sound of lifestyle tweaks that boost both your health and lifespan?

These are the 10 golden rules of 'Quiet Luxury Makeup'

Experts share how to master the gentle beauty trend and perfect your old money aesthetic

‘Embracing slow living might just be the next revolution’

Author and wellness guru Giselle La Pompe-Moore shares her Philosophy of Doing Less, Being Present, and Feeling More

Elevated entertaining: Hosting memorable gatherings

Hosting an event? It's not just about logistics; it's akin to conducting a symphony! In our world of elevated hospitality, we're not just thinking about guests—we're weaving them into the very fabric of the occasion. From the first invite that lands in their inbox to the last little token they leave with, each detail is a piece of a thoughtful puzzle. Ready to become the best host ever? Swipe through to learn how you can be the perfect host of an event that will leave your guests in pure bliss!

Personal stylist on the 'key' ways to dress comfortably chic and look slimmer

Fashion guru Louise Pennington knows the importance of styling an outfit, rather than simply just wearing one.

Cosy up: Get the hygge vibe with these Scandi style ideas

Channelling the Scandinavian approach to design is about so much more than just decorating - it's a way of life. Clean lines, neutral colours and natural materials all work together to create the spacious and stylish look we've loved for the last two decades - and the love affair is far from over. For 2022, the essence of the Scandi look has evolved to incorporate more texture, richer colours and striking black accents - let's take a look at the trends that are shaking up Nordic style this year...

How to holiday in one of the most glamorous places on earth – in normal clothes

I never thought I’d have anything in common with Vivian in Pretty Woman, and yet I have. It’s not the dream of being rescued by a knight in a white limousine, nor the length of our legs (since the whole of me is roughly two thirds as long as Viv’s hip-to-toe measurement). No, what we have in common is that we both know what it’s like to feel underd...

11 Beauty Lessons Kate Moss Has Taught Us Over The Years

Get ready for Kate's biggest beauty power move yet.

27 modern bedroom ideas for sleeping in style

Bedroom inspiration starts with our hand-picked edit of dreamy spaces

Make mine a latte: coffee shades spill from TikTok into fashion mainstream

When does a style trend on social media make the leap to mainstream fashion movement? In the case of “latte fashion”, it’s the adoption by Hollywood A-listers, as well as a heavy presence on every street, bus and cafe – and on the catwalk. Latte fashion – the outfit dominance, sometimes even head to toe, of coffee shades, from beige to taupe to darker browns – has its roots in beauty influencers on TikTok reviving the kind of tan foundation and...

5 foolproof (scientifically proven) methods to find happiness

How "soft living" emerged as a political stance

You may have heard of "soft living" as some new trend Millennials are picking up and passing around, but while it gets diluted by the aesthetic quality of social media's ostentatious self-care, it’s actually so much more than meets the eye. In reality, the soft living movement emerged among Black women first as a radical (yet achievable) decision to move away from inherited trauma and struggling, and as a direct challenge to the status quo of our modern-day hustle culture. It requires a reframing of the mind, and even asks us to consider some big compromises in exchange for a greater happiness. Intrigued? Click through to learn more about the soft life and how it can represent a political stance for everyone.

90 is the new 30! How being a nonagenarian became stylish

90 is the new 30! How being a nonagenarian became stylish - In a new interview, Dame Joan Collins proves she’s as spirited as ever — and she’s not the only nonagenarian proving the tenth decade can be your time to thrive, says Maddy Mussen

7 simple ways to make your entryway feel more luxurious, according to interior designers

How can you make an entryway feel more luxurious? We spoke to interior design experts to round up seven decor ideas to create a more elevated entryway

Knitted loungewear sets are the ultimate in low-key luxury

We bring you 10 of the best, from Arket to Loro Piana

20 ways to use social media more mindfully

Let’s face it: Most of us spend far too much time on social media with our cell phones, tablets and various other devices. But when you follow a few tips to help you use social media more mindfully, you can gain more peace of mind in your day-to-day life. Read on for how to foster a more Zen vibe in your social media explorations and interactions.

Country living room ideas for a perfect rustic retreat in your own home

Create a warm and inviting feeling, using traditional, modern, shabby-chic or farmhouse style

Clothing staples you need to create the perfect capsule wardrobe

Fashion and style aren’t everyone’s forte, but that doesn’t mean you can’t curate a simple and stylish wardrobe. If the process feels overwhelming, start by choosing everyday essentials that you can easily mix and match. With that in mind, these 15 staple items are a great starting point for building a long-lasting and versatile capsule wardrobe you’ll have for years to come.

4 easy ways to use lighting to boost your mood

Solutions for when daylight is scarce.

How to appear rich without breaking the bank

Money comes and goes, but appearing rich can last forever. While you're waiting for the big paychecks to roll into your bank account, what is the harm in presenting an illusion of that lifestyle to others? In fact, it may even open windows to the real deal! Of course, there is more to life than material things, but having nice things is definitely a bonus. Take a look through the gallery, inspired by Self-Made, for some tips on how best to indulge in the facade of wealth.

Sunny Spanish city with ‘relaxed lifestyle' is the best destination for British expats

A beautiful Spanish city has the world's best quality of life according to new research based on expat opinions.

Simple living room ideas – Easy design updates and decorating projects to refresh a lounge

Looking for a fuss-free update to your living room? These simple decor tips will make a space feel brand new

The leather skirt is a year-round staple - here are 11 styles you can wear through the winter months

Including some great vegan options, too

Hairdressing tips that are a cut above the rest

You are at you favorite salon, all set for a good pampering sesh, when your stylist asks you: "What’s the plan today?" This crucial question may sound daunting as she/he untangles and scrutinizes your hair. But remember, a visit to the hairdresser should be a 'spa day' rather than a 'stress day'! So why do some clients feel confused? If you can put yourself in your stylist's shoes, the experience will be better for both of you. Here are some tips to help you. Check out this gallery and find out what stylists wished their clients knew before stepping into the salon.

Four ways to promote wellness in the colder months

Rachael Sacerdoti, personal trainer, wellness expert and creator of It's So Simple, has shared four tips to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Firstly, she asserted that movement is so important to keep your body and your mind healthy.

These are the essential loungewear trends this winter

Snuggle up in style with these effortless outfits. By Katie Wright.

Cosy living room ideas – great ways to create a snug space to hunker down in

Amp up the hygge levels with our cosy living room ideas and expert advice

How to enjoy arts and culture on a budget

From music lovers to museum aficionados, most people like to engage with the arts on some level. But people who do so on a regular basis will know that costs can soon rack up! Luckily, there are things you can do to enjoy arts and culture without breaking the bank. Check out this gallery for some tips on how to enjoy arts and culture on a budget.

Retirement village in Ripon embraces the Blue Zone lifestyle for vitality in older age

What is the key to a long, healthy and happy life?

Barefoot Contessa's Ina Garten has crafted a minimalist living room that is perfect for the winter, and surprisingly cozy

With their timeless aesthetic and pared-back style, warm minimalist living rooms are enduringly popular

All The Lifestyle & Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In October

All The Lifestyle & Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In October

20 tips to boost energy levels in winter - including sleep, food, exercise and mindset

As the days get shorter and the mercury plummets, Luisa Metcalfe asks lifestyle experts to share their tips for boosting vitality and mood during the winter season

7 on-trend ways to enhance and restyle your home this year

Minimal effort, maximum impact.

10 ways to style your bed like a pro

You've made your bed, now dress it!