The quiet luxury trend is one that feels organic, a shift if you will. Those now adopting the premise that real luxury doesn’t shout, aren't so much focussing on not showing off, it’s about getting better at it, sneakier at it. Subtle signifiers of wealth that say; ‘we aren’t rich, we’re comfortable’ – and other cliches from the most minted people.

Understated yet polished, it's a high-quality, pulled together aesthetic that delivers a satisfying confidence boost. The hashtag #QuietLuxury has wracked up 121M views and counting on TikTok, fuelled by topics like the styling of Succession's Shiv Roy, the analysis of Sofia Richie's 'old money' style evolution and bridal aesthetic, or the dissection of Gwynth Paltrow's court wardrobe. Alongside the fashion, talk of ‘quiet makeup’ or ‘gentle makeup’ flooded feeds.

“Gentle makeup or quiet luxury makeup is all about creating a soft, natural-looking aesthetic that enhances rather than masks your features” says Nudestix co-founder Taylor Frankel; “It focuses on a more understated elegance and radiance, using subtle shades and textures to achieve a polished and sophisticated look ”

It's set apart from 'no makeup makeup' in that it looks effortlessly applied, but also polished and carefully chosen. Struggling to picture it? Think Nudestix’ own Sofia Richie-Grainge (the brand’s Beauty Director), think Hailey Bieber, think… you after you’ve finished reading these golden rules from the experts.

You’re welcome…

1) Balance simplicity with precision

“Much like quiet luxury in fashion, quiet makeup is about elevated simplicity. The key difference in this look compared to minimal makeup is the attention to detail, which can be seen through clever placement and colours selected. It shows that time has been spent to curate a look and gives an instant sense of being pulled together.” – Emolyne Ramlov, Founder of EMOLYNE Cosmetics

2) Skincare is your best makeup

“Take care of your skin first and foremost. Your makeup is only going to look as good as the skin you have underneath. So, a clean diet, lots of water and a regimented skincare routine is important. Cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin are all crucial to how your makeup is going to sit and last throughout the day.” Suzie Gee, MUA and LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Pro.

3) Minimise your base

“We all have different skin types, textures and concerns – so how we chose to layer our base will look different for everyone. But think; less is more when it comes to quiet luxury. I chose to apply a nice light layer of BB cream to provide some coverage and then spot conceal any blemishes with a concealer. This way I still feel covered and flawless, but my skin is still visible and able to breathe.” – Suzie

4) Focus on dewy radiance

“One common mistake is over-powdering the face, which can make the skin appear dull and matte. Instead, focus on using products with a natural, dewy finish to maintain a luminous fresh and radiant complexion. Start with a minimal amount of product and gradually build up as needed, using for light-handed application techniques like fingertip blending or soft bristle brushes. I’d always recommend cream-based products which blend seamlessly and act as a ‘second-skin’, avoiding the problem of a cakey finish." – Taylor

5) Choose colours with the utmost care

“Understanding your own undertones and colour palette is the key to selecting the right shades for a quiet luxury feel. Whilst I encourage everyone to wear what they are comfortable in (as confidence really is the best luxury) identifying what tonal shades will be the most flattering to you can really change the overall look. The right colour, shade and warmth, will make your eyes pop and skin glow.” – Emolyne

6) Embrace top ups

The reality is, you have to compromise between a fresh minimal look, and makeup lasting 16 hours. Find products that will last as long as possible of course, use dewy setting sprays too, but I'd always rather have the look I want, with any necessary lunch time and post-work top up, than go heavier to begin with. With a stripped back look you'll only need two or three products stashed in your bag for touch ups anyway. I always have concealer and blush with me wherever I go, a multi-use lip and cheek product is also great for this.

7) Well-groomed brows for well-groomed gals

Having well-groomed brows is key to quiet luxury makeup. They don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical or be a certain shape but they do have to be neat and tidy. Using a brow gel is going to keep your eyebrows in immaculate shape all day. I love the Benefit Browsetter Clear Gel for this. It’s clear, and doesn’t go flaky.” – Suzie



8) Go clump free with natural lashes

We’ve all heard the phrase “High maintenance so that I can be low maintenance” haven’t we? Well using a lash serum is going to seriously help you to be as low maintenance as possible. I like to use UK lash. Simply swipe the product just above your lashes before you go to bed – and let the lashes grow! Trust me – it works. Then just a curl of the lashes and one delicate lick of mascara and you’ll have everyone asking if you’ve got eyelash extensions on." – Suzie



9) Repeat colour with co-ordinated or multi-use products

“The first nail varnishes launched to co-ordinate with lipsticks were in 1939. This trend continued in the 1940s. Not only would lips and nails match, but cheeks too. This was the decade of the Hollywood golden era, and the style we think of when it comes to classic beauty. I love matching my nails to my lips as a very easy way to look pulled together when you are busy, and give an instant sense of sophistication.” – Emolyne

10) Embrace your natural beauty

If you're trying too hard to make your face look like someone else's... this aesthetic just won't work. Hard as it can be sometimes, you need to embrace your own individual beauty, because quiet makeup is all about helping that shine. That's the only way to nail the look.

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