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A Grandmillennial kitchen combines the best of all worlds: the homespun of your grandma's kitchen with all today's mod cons.

10 Simple Ideas for Adding Comfort to Your Home on a Budget

Beautiful design is a priority when planning the interiors of your home. But even the best design will likely fail if the home is uncomfortable. After all, a home is more than just a shelter; it's a sanctuary that nurtures your well-being, rejuvenates the spirit, and, therefore, must be comfortable. Creating a cosy haven needn't necessarily involve spending a fortune. All it takes is creativity and resourcefulness to transform your living space...

How night owls like can train themselves to be larks

Read any interview with an Olympian, A-lister or high-flying entrepreneur and they'll likely reference rising at the crack of dawn, whether to train, meditate or start firing off emails.

Seven suit styling tips for women

The look that’s set my heart a-thumping, fashion-wise, this autumn? It’s not a taffeta dress, leopard-print coat or gobstopper earrings. It’s a grey suit. Something about the suit – its elegance, its refinement, its Scandi cool – means it hasn’t left my mind. Suits have been looking very, very good lately. For proof, see Emma Watson in a white, dou...

Multi-millionaire runs property empire but shuns fashion and lets wife dress him daily

Samuel Leeds, made his fortune after growing up on a West Midlands council estate, says he has no time to carry out 'mundane chores' as he rakes in his fortune

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Why comfort is important, and how to make your life more cozy

Who doesn't love being comfortable? It might not seem like coziness is a feeling that needs or deserves too much thought or importance, but being comfortable is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy life. Being comfortable in your body, your home, your surroundings, and the people you find yourself with is far more important than many people might think. Self-esteem, healthy habits, a fulfilling work life and a happy home life all rely on comfortability to make a real difference. It can be easy to forgot about betting cozy in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but there are little changes you can make to ensure that being comfortable is always a priority. Read on the learn why being comfortable is important, and how to make it happen.

'Milestone-moons' are the latest way to celebrate your achievements

Treat yourself – but make it travel.

Kate Moss shares her wellness practices ahead of reaching milestone 50th birthday

Kate Moss shares her wellness practices ahead of reaching milestone 50th birthday - The 49-year-old British supermodel rose to fame as as one of the prominent faces of the 1990s.

Fashion’s most famous window-dresser reveals the luxuries in his own home

What does luxury mean to you? Feeling swanky and optimistic. Do you have a favourite watch? For years I wore the Heuer Monaco with the blue face, the one that Steve McQueen wore in Le Mans. I still dream about that watch. What luxury can’t you live without? I am addicted to Frédéric Malle perfumes, either Géranium pour Monsieur or Angéliques sous l...

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L Saha: How this luxury designer makes sustainability a reality - Prudence Wade speaks to designer Laboni Saha ahead of the label’s spring/summer 2024 London Fashion Week show.

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10 Eco-Friendly Tips For A Sustainable Life

10 Eco-Friendly Tips For A Sustainable Life

Interior expert shares how to 'add depth and dimension to the living room' this autumn

Autumn is upon us, and the nights are drawing in. And with more time spent indoors, creating the perfect look and feel at home will be a seasonal must-have.

Five-star resort spas ban slippers to take a load off environment

The days of lounging around in a white robe and comfy slippers at the spa may have come to an end as resorts are increasingly telling customers to bring their own footwear because it is better for the environment. Several high-end resorts have told guests they will not be providing footwear in efforts to reduce waste, while Champneys has replaced i...

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Create a warm welcome for guests and family with these fall entryway designs. We asked decor experts for their favorite ways to transform their entryways.

Want the perfect beauty regime? First, check your postcode...

Depending on where you live in the UK, your hair and beauty regime can be affected by everything from UV levels to humidity. We've drafted in expert Sophie Tilley to help you navigate the terrain.

The secrets of a happy relationship? Sleep, luck and takeaways

The secret to a long relationship? Have sex seven times a month and never go to bed angry, according to a survey of 2,000 British couples commissioned for the launch of Love & Death on ITVX, a show about an affair and an axe murder. Twenty per cent of people surveyed thought liking the same programmes was important; I wonder if this one will tick their boxes? My friends are sceptical too. “People are still having sex? In this economy?” says one....

Four easy lifestyle tweaks that could help you live until 100, according to experts

From dietary changes to oral hygiene, a team of experts have shared lifestyle tweaks that could boost your longevity.

Woman, 51, who was mistaken for being a university student shares her secret to youthful skin

Christianne Wolff, 52, is often complimented on her great skin and energetic attitude. Speaking exclusively to GB News, she explained what she believes to be behind her youthful appearance. Christianne said she will often get mistaken for being 10 years younger - although this wasn't always the case. She stated: "I always looked a lot older for my ...

'I'm a 62-year-old grandmother but people think I'm years younger thanks to a simple daily routine'

Nicci Roscoe, 62, has often been mistaken for looking years younger. Lots of factors play into appearance, including diet, exercise, skin care and genes. The grandmother explained exercise has always been part of her routine and has helped her stay looking and feeling young. She said: "My exercise routine has always been three to four times a week ...

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The surprising celebs who secretly live as farmers

Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight, but many choose to stay away from the buzz of city life and all that it entails. So much so, that some famous faces prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside. From actors to music stars, many celebs have bought farms, ranches, and everything in between—and many of these celebs actually live and work on them. Curious to find out which celebrities have secretly been living as farmers when they're not on the red carpet? Click on!

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"I swapped city life for a rural farm and forage food - my homegrown supplies last six months and we sell alpaca poo"

A mum swapped city life for a rural farm and now forages food, has homegrown supplies to last six months and sells alpaca poo. Karee Upendo, 35, and her husband, Avery, 35, decided to move to a homestead when they found themselves working 12-hour days and felt they didn’t have enough time for their kids. The couple realised they were happiest when on an adventure – on a farming tour or travelling – so decided to look for an "escape" in the woods. Karee found a six-acre property, and sold their $195k seven-bedroom house in Racine, Wisconsin, US – moving 800 miles to Hampton, Georgia, US. Now the couple and their children – Alex, 16, Aven, nine, Asher, four, and Solea, nine months – forage Chanterelle mushrooms, beauty berries, and peppers on their land to make meals such as mushroom pizza and dandelion soup. They grow over 80 different edible wild plants and vegetables and barter with local farmers for their meat – swapping their excess edible wild grown food. Karee says she is at her “happiest” since leaving their busy lifestyle behind and moving to the farm. Karee, who owns the homesteading farm with Avery, said: “We’re pretty much self-sustainable. “We have three to six months of preserves. “I felt like I was losing my mind before. “I was never as happy as I am right now. "If the apocalypse happened, we could sustain ourselves off our land alone. "We've tapped our own well for water, have solar electricity and have created a permaculture food forest." The family sell their alpaca poo to gardeners and horticulturist all over the globe to make a living. Karee said: "Our alpacas bring in a large portion of our income. Their fibre and poop is a gold mind. "We sell 'magic beans' to gardeners and horticulturist worldwide. We sell s**t for a living." Karee said her late grandmother, Mae, 69, taught her about foraging from a young age. After meeting Avery, the pair started raising their family in Racine, Wisconsin, and worked long days – Karee as an educator and her husband as a handyman. Karee said: “We were working 12 hours day and so tired at the weekends. “We had everything we say you should want but we were completely unhappy.” The couple decided to “sell everything” they owned for a slower pace of life on a homestead. Karee said: “We were always trying to escape life. We wanted to make life the escape.” They moved onto their new land June 2021 – which had a cabin which needed “a lot of work”. Karee said: “There was mould throughout. “We started working on the homestead. We wanted to make the money from the homestead.” By October 2021 Karee and Avery had built two cabins on their land for guests to stay in – and now run foraging workshops. The pair also grow vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes - and even harvest the oil from beauty berry leaves to make their own mosquito repellent. They keep 180,000 bees on a one-acre bee apiary and make their own honey and keep chickens to fertilise the land and provide them with eggs. Karee said: “Growing up I didn’t see black people represented in the farming industry. “People say they have never seen a black woman beekeeper or farmer – I get that message most days.” Karee makes her meals from mostly foraged foods from her land – or local produce – and challenges herself to cook dinner from 50 per cent foraged food on a Sunday. She said: “Every Sunday we have a forage, catch or harvest challenge for the family, which means 50 per cent of the meal has to be one of those three. "It’s a food forest.” She makes mushroom pizza – from homegrown Chanterelles and peppers – and mushroom ravioli. Karee uses canning to preserve their food – and stocks of three to six months in her pantry. The family also use wildflowers for herbal medicine – and don’t use any modern medicines apart from cough drops. Karee said: “We don’t buy medication. “We eat dandelion soup.” Karee even uses pine needles and lemons to make an anti-viral for cleaning. Karee said: “We have an almost no waste farm, old food and scraps get composted for new soil or made into animal feed. "We repurpose all materials to build our animals enclosures. We’re living in a utopia. “It’s a feeling of unity. “I couldn’t have imagined this life for me and my family in my dreams.”

Jo Whiley shares the 7 beauty products bringing her joy

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'Romanticize your life – and home – and feel happier, fast': design experts reveal the easiest switches to make

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My Entire Life Is Barbie Pink | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A WOMAN from Brazil who is fully committed to living a 100% pink Barbie lifestyle, has been collecting pink objects and Barbie products since she was just 12 years old. Bruna has spent just shy of $100,000 on making her house as pink as possible - and boasts over 16 million followers on TikTok. She says the colour pink means 'everything' to her, as it represents her style, personality and happiness. Every single object in her house, which was recently partially redesigned, is a different shade of pink. The highlight of her house is arguably the kitchen, where Bruna cooks her Barbie-inspired dishes with her exclusively pink kitchen utensils. Even Bruna's car is fully coloured in pink; attracting lots of attention when she is out and about.

LFW street style to inspire your wardrobe this week

How to battle the wind and rain in style

Centenarians share their tips on living long and healthy lives after reaching 100

Centenarians share their unusual tips and habits that they think have helped them get to 100. Growing your own veg, treating yourself and staying positive all make the list

Seven lifestyle changes that lower risk of depression

Moderate drinking and a good night’s sleep are among seven healthy lifestyle changes that can more than halve the risk of depression, scientists have found. Experts at the University of Cambridge examined health data from almost 290,000 British people – of whom 13,000 had depression – to find out what factors could be playing a role. They found tha...

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From hygiene to eating habits, as humans, we all have different quirks and habits that we’ve acquired over the years. And celebrities are no different. Whether these habits make you cringe or laugh, they show us that no matter how much fame and money there is, celebrities also have their own idiosyncrasies. You might even have some of these in common! So check out this gallery to see the strangest habits of your favorite celebrities.

What exactly is cottagecore?

Our fast-paced, digital world has more technological influence than ever before. Being reachable at all times, with everything at our fingertips, makes life more convenient. But does it leave less time for quiet contemplation, to enjoy simple pleasures? Enter cottagecore, a design aesthetic turned state-of-being, centered around slow living, practicality, and getting back in touch with nature. Sounds dreamy? Click on the following gallery to learn about this nostalgic trend.

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Entering my light-coloured living room is like entering a realm of serenity and timeless elegance. As I invite you into my sanctuary, I will share why I chose this colour palette and the profound impact it has had on my living space. Join me on this journey into the world of light-coloured living rooms, where every shade whispers a story of tranquility and sophistication.

How to holiday in one of the most glamorous places on earth – in normal clothes

I never thought I’d have anything in common with Vivian in Pretty Woman, and yet I have. It’s not the dream of being rescued by a knight in a white limousine, nor the length of our legs (since the whole of me is roughly two thirds as long as Viv’s hip-to-toe measurement). No, what we have in common is that we both know what it’s like to feel underd...

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