The First Look: Our edit of what hits stores TODAY

FEMAIL reveal which garments hit the stores today, including a pleated dress from Mango for £89.99 and a pair of chic espadrilles from Spanish brand Calita Shoes.

13 small living room layouts to inspire a furniture shake-up

These small living room layouts will inspire you to reap the rewards of reconfiguring a tiny lounge

Cheap paving ideas: 11 cost-effective solutions for patios and paths

From clever design tricks to unique updates, our cheap paving ideas are the ideal way to spruce up your plot on a budget

Mouthwatering recipes with mango

The mango is a tropical delight. The luscious fruit is a treat by itself, but it can also be incorporated into countless dishes. Its natural sweetness makes it incredibly versatile, as it's ideal for desserts, but can also be used to add a more complex flavor to a savory dish. Click through the following gallery and be inspired by all the different ways magnificent mangos can be used in the kitchen.

Decorating a home on a budget? Top experts reveal 11 ways to get luxury looks for less

If you are decorating a home on a budget, you needn't settle for cheap chic. These design tricks will give you elegant spaces without the spend

Home office ideas – 55 rooms that are smart, practical and stylish

Create inspiring yet functional spaces with these home office ideas, whether you're designing a dedicated room or carving out an office nook.

8 garden edging ideas to define your lawn and landscape

Neaten up your lawn and beds with brick, wood and more budget-friendly garden edging solutions.

Remove ‘stubborn' mattress stains in ‘10 minutes' with £1 item that ‘works the best'

Households are likely to wash their bed sheets fairly regularly, however, the same cannot always be said for their mattress. As soon as a mattress is stained, it should be treated immediately. To remove any marks, cleaning enthusiasts have shared their top tips.

Chef Ravinder Bhogal: Vegetables are the secret to saving money

Chef Ravinder Bhogal: Vegetables are the secret to saving money - The Indian-British chef talks to Lauren Taylor about her childhood in Kenya, economical cooking and the comforting power of veg

Mum sparks debate after asking party guests for cash instead of gifts

A mum has caused a stir among parents after she asked if it was appropriate to request guests at her daughter's birthday party contribute cash rather than buy her gifts.

This week's Blind Date couple find their match

Every week, FEMAIL asks two singletons to report back from their blind date. This week Jecoliah, 24, and Aaron, 25, shared the outcome of their UK date. And, we can confirm that sparks did fly!

Justice Jackson reports flowers from Oprah, designer clothing as Thomas delays filing disclosure

WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson disclosed Wednesday that she received a $1,200 congratulatory floral display from Oprah Winfrey and $6,580 in designer clothing for a magazine photo shoot in her first months as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. The details of gifts given to Jackson were among the reports provided by most members of the court in their annual filings, which give a partial window onto their finances. The...

What's THAT Like? 10 Celebrities with the World's Most Perfect Skin

For your gawking and ogling purposes.

Grab your digital voucher for a FREE Ice-Cream Sundae at your local Harvester

Popular family restaurant Harvester has brought back its classic Lemon Blizzard dessert as part of the chain's 40th birthday celebrations this summer - don't miss your chance to join in the fun!

27 Times the Royals Dressed Down and We Loved It

We almost didn't recognize them.

Top tips for a successful potty training

The move out of diapers is a big one for kids and parents alike. It is often a moment of pride, but it's not always smooth sailing. To help, we're looking at some ways parents can get potty training right. Check out this gallery for some tips for successful potty training.

Get smart! The benefits of bespoke tailoring

In Shakespeare's 'Hamlet,' Polonius tells his son Laertes to dress well because "apparel oft proclaims the man;" this phrase is now expressed in modern parlance as "the clothes maketh the man." And, indeed, a well-groomed man in a tailored suit is sartorial elegance personified. But in order to achieve such a dramatic and well-defined look, one has to go beyond made-to-measure and instead seek out the services of a bespoke tailor and the very highest level of customized garment making. But what exactly does it mean to wear a bespoke suit? Click through and find out how to become a sharp-dressed man.

How to make a small garden look bigger: 8 experts tip to maximize space

Landscape designers and professional gardeners share their top tips on how to make a small garden feel bigger

The 52 Most Memorable Fashion Moments of the '90s

I'd wear Princess Di's off-duty outfit today.

What’s in the Middle of Lidl this week? Top picks from the middle aisle

From garden gear to gifts for Father's Day.

Top DIY marketing tips for small business owners

When it comes to starting a new business, one of the things you'll need to think about is how to market your product or service. Whether you're opening a brunch café or an online translation tool, you'll need to identify your target market and work out how to reach them. Of course, if you're a small business owner, you'll likely be working with a small marketing budget. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to limit yourself. In fact, there are plenty of low-cost, high-return steps you can take when marketing your small business. Intrigued? Check out this gallery for some DIY marketing tips you can use today.

Low maintenance garden ideas: 28 stylish ways to create an easy-care plot

Get a gorgeous plot without the work with our low maintenance garden ideas – from landscaping to planting schemes and more

The worst habits of every zodiac sign

Despite all the contention around the validity of zodiac signs, it just so happens that particular people tend to have a set of particular hang-ups that result in some strangely similar behavior—almost even predictable behavior. The greatest part about learning about yourself is getting the opportunity to confront something that might actually be affecting your life. Learning about how your sign tends towards certain behaviors can help you get to the root of your problems quicker, and once you have a sense of the reason why you might have habits that bother you and the people around you, you can get around faster to improving them. Click through to read the worst habits associated with each zodiac sign. If not for yourself, then to learn about all the other people whose habits annoy you!

The 30 Best Honey Blonde Hair Ideas for 2023

Golden and buttery blonde tones are trending.

The craziest celebrity wills and dying wishes

Everyone has a dying wish. For many, that means managing money beyond the grave. Wills are pretty important, and it's good to ensure you pass something on to your loved ones. That said, many celebs have unusual wills and final requests... Click on to read the strangest celebrity wills and dying wishes.

Cozy kitchen ideas – 10 stylish and intimate spaces

Create the perfect warm and welcoming space with these cozy kitchen ideas

13 quietest dog breeds that make peaceful companions

The quietest dog breeds are ideal if you want all of the love but none of the yapping.

Country kitchen wallpaper – ideas to add charm and character

These country kitchen wallpaper ideas will add playful patterns and color to your cook space

15 wallet-friendly ways to upgrade your bathroom

From plumbing and bathroom installation to tiles, we’ve rounded up ways you can save money on a bathroom renovation as well as what to spend more on to get the most value for your budget

The 11 Best Summer Hair Colors You'll Want to Copy

Including Hailey Bieber's "Expensive Brunette" and Emma Chamberlain's bleach blonde.

Is the new Barbie trend too much? Try the grown-up version - Burgundy.

It may well be rosé season, but in fashion, red wine is the order of the day. An evolution of the popular 'Barbiecore' trend, deep reds are a more grown-up way to play with bold colour.

20 salad recipes without lettuce

No more lettuce in the fridge? No problem! Here are 20 delicious, nutritious, and colourful salad recipes that don't require lettuce. Find inspiration for your next picnic!

Balcony plants: 23 picks for pocket-sized growing spaces

Choose easy-to-care for balcony plants for a low-maintenance plant paradise. Here are the top choices for sun, shade and windy spots

The Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Stars

From soot to mayonnaise.

Staircase trends – step up your style with the very latest in staircase design

Staircase trends teach us that this functional feature should always be creatively celebrated

Zara owner Inditex basks in a summer sales boom as the fashion giant's latest collections prove a hit

The sales boom is a boost for new chairman Marta Ortega (pictured), whose father Amancio Ortega opened the first Zara store in Spain in 1975.

Toy storage ideas – 16 ways to keep playtime neat

These toy storage ideas will help you keep your home tidy, encourage youngsters to pitch in (and they look lovely)

$100 DIY projects: 10 low-budget, high-impact ideas to slot into a weekend

They cost less than $100 to do and won't take up much of your time. Yes, even cheap DIY projects can have an awesome impact on your home surroundings

13 kitchen plants that will thrive in your indoor cooking space

The best kitchen plants will bring a touch of the tropics into your cooking area, and there are plenty of options for rooms large and small

Modern kitchen ideas – contemporary designs for cooking and entertaining

Our modern kitchen ideas encompass every aspect of decor, from cabinets and countertops to storage and backsplashes

Organizing kitchen countertops – 17 tips for keeping counters tidy

Expert-approved ways of organizing kitchen countertops to declutter surfaces for easier cooking and cleaning

25 hair clips hairstyles – chic accessorized looks to suit every length and texture

Our favorite easy hair clips hairstyles to upgrade your look, from barrettes and bobby pins to claws and click-clacks

10 must-have pet products that every pet parent should own

Get your paws on these essential pet products that are designed to make life with your pet even better than it already is

11 things professionals do to banish bad kitchen smells for good

Professional cleaners explain the 11 things people with nice-smelling kitchens always do to banish bad smells

15 Supermodels of the '00s Who Changed the Face of Fashion

They ruled the runways.

Libra: Your daily horoscope - June 08

Libra: here is your free predictions for the day June 08

12 of the Most Iconic Movie Quotes of All Time

But you probably know every single one.

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Get inspired by our edit of medium hairstyles for women over 50 – they're chic, versatile, and super flattering

Cottage lighting ideas – 18 pretty ways to brighten your cottage

From task lighting to beautiful pendant shades, these cottage lighting ideas create the perfect ambience

The Dark Side of Leo

Everything about Leos, a grandiose, attention-seeking, flashy, and dramatic sign, including the dark side of Leo. When Leos are good, they are very, very good, but when they are bad, they are horrible.