Briony May Williams won the nation's heart after appearing in the 2018 series of the Great British Bake Off, where she finished fourth. What many may not know, is that she originally found her passion for baking after suffering from health complications and being misdiagnosed by doctors.

She told in a recent interview: "I only started like five years before I was on the Bake Off.

"I'd baked when I was younger but actually properly baking, I started in 2013.

"I was off work - I wasn't very well - and they kept misdiagnosing me. It wasn't anything serious, it was polycystic ovarian syndrome.

"But, you know, it was making me feel very unwell," Briony added.

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The TV star went on to explain how she first gave baking a go after a co-worker suggested it as a distraction from her painful symptoms, which caused her to be out of work for a while.

Briony said: "So, one of my colleagues at the school I was working at said, 'Why don't you try baking to keep your mind occupied?'

"So, I started baking and I just find it very therapeutic. I think it's very methodical, following recipes and then you get a nice, yummy, baked good at the end of it.

"So having something that you produce after all your effort... it's something that helped keep me very calm.

"That got me into it and then it just went from there, really."

After trying her hand at baking and finding her passion for it, Briony took her baking skills to the next level as she started taking on different challenges.

She said: "And then I started making people's birthday cakes and started getting into novelty cakes and I just really loved it.

"[I made] really bad biscuits, but just kept practising and kept trying and eventually got better."

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