Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been warned that "America is waking up" to the Sussexes ahead of the release of a spoof of Harry's book Spare, an expert has claimed. The Duke of Sussex, 38, released his much-anticipated memoir in January and returned to TV screens with a series of high-profile interviews.

But the father-of-two looks set to be the butt of some more US-based jokes with Spare Us! A Harrody hitting the shelves on April 1.

TalkTV's Royal Tea panel sat down to discuss how the couple could be impacted by the spoof book.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards said: "It's better than the book that Harry wrote because I didn't enjoy that, seeing the way he rubbished some of the people that work hard for this country. I thought that was outrageous.

"I think America [is] waking up to Harry and Meghan. I think they're saying that they're not such a golden couple that everybody thought they were and I think this is probably the start of it.

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Prince Harry has been warned that he could be at risk of having his US visa revoked if Republicans win the next election, a royal expert claims. The Duke of Sussex, 38, has faced scrutiny since openly admitting to taking a list of illegal substances in his memoir, Spare, and in recent interviews, which officials have warned could jeopardise his visa status in the UK.

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"It'll be interesting in what the sales are for it. I hope its outsells your book, Harry, anyway."

When veteran royal reporter Robert Jobson pointed out the Duke's book made enormous sales, Edwards replied: "Yes, I know but we've got to hope Robert. Fingers crossed."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle previously took a broadside shot from American cartoon comedy South Park under the guise of a fictitious but similar Prince and Princess of Canada.

Stateside support for the Duke and Duchess nosedived shortly after the release of Spare.

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A Redfield and Wilton opinion poll for Newsweek revealed that support for Harry plummeted by three points as it fell to -10 percent.

Support for Meghan, who hails from California, meanwhile dropped to -17 percent.

The figures come in sharp contrast to similar surveys conducted in December 2021 when Harry's rating was up 48 points and Meghan's was up 40 points.

The Duke might have also landed himself in some hot water in the US amid concern about his visa application.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, is currently battling with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to get a copy of the Duke of Sussex's visa filings under the Freedom of Information Act.

The think tank believes the 38-year-old could have misled immigration officials after he revealed he has consumed several illicit substances.

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